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    Charging cable

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    1.Chargingg plug meet 62196-2 IEC2010 SHEET 2-lle standard

    2.Product assembly meet GB/T 20234.2-2011 charging mode 3 connection method B2

    3.Nice appearance,hand-held ergonomic design,easy plug

    4.Reliability of materials,antiflaming,pressure-resistant,abrasion resistance,impact resistance and high oil.

    5.Excellent protection performance,protection grade IP55 (Working condition)

    Mechanical properties:

    1.Mechanical life:no-load plug in/pull out >10000 times

    2.Impat of external force:can afford 1M drop and 2t vehicle run over pressure.

    Electrical Performance

    1.Rated operating current:16V or 32A

    2.Operating voltage:250V

    3.Insulation resistance:>1000MO(DC500V)

    4.Terminal temperature rise:<50K

    5.Withstand voltage:2000V

    6.Contact Resistance:0.5mO Max

    Applied Materials:

    1.Case Material:Thermoplastic,flame restardant grade UL94V-0

    2.Contact bush:copper alloy,silver planting

    Environmentol performance:

    Operating temperature:-30℃~ +50℃

    Model selection and the standard wiring

    Rated current Cable specification Cable length Cable diameter Color
    2010-2050-16-XC 16A 3X2.5MM2+2X0.5MM2 5000MM 13.5MM Orange/Black
    2010-2050-32-XC 32A 3X6MM2+2X0.5MM2 5000MM 16.5MM Orange/Black

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