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    Highly flexible cable( H03VH-H ) for dry areas, used for connection of small mobile devices, requiring special flexibility in conditions free of any mechanical stresses. Permitted frequent bending, but no twisting. Suitable for radios, desk lamps, electric razors and similar household or office devices, as long as the cable is adapted to essential specifications of the device. Not suitable for cookers and hot devices. Fixed cable connection to the device or by means of a small plug. Cable ends must be provided with inseparable plugs additionally protected by rubber or thermoplastic insertion.  H03VH-H  length must not exceed 2 m.

    Standards:HRN HD 21.5 S3, IEC 60227-5, DIN VDE 0281 part 5

    Conductor:     bare copper conductor, highly fine wired stranded, class 6 acc. to IEC 60228 / HD 383 / DIN VDE 0295 (nominal diameter 0,15 mm), two parallelly laid conductors
    Insulation:     PVC compound TI2 acc. to DIN VDE 0207 4. part / HD 21.1 S4, flat shaped insulation with both-sides central groove for easy separation of conductors

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    H03VH-H  Technical characteristics:
    Dimensions – number of cores x conductor cross-section Construction of individual conductor   External diameter Insulation thickness Conductor resistance at 20 °C Specific. el. resistance of insulation at 70 °C Cu weight Cable weight Packing*
      nominal min-max. nominal max. min.      
    mm² n x mm mm mm Ω/km MΩkm kg/km kg/km  
    2 x 0,5 28 x 0,15 2,4 x 4,9 0,8 39,0 0,015 9,6 22,0 c.100
    2 x 0,75 42 x 0,15 2,6 x 5,2 0,8 26,0 0,014 14,4 26,0 c.10

    *) Packing: c.100 = coil 100 m H03VH-H

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