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    How to prevent cable from overload fire?

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    1, in the process of line design, should accurately verify the capacity of the site, taking full account of therevent overload.

    2, the line should be in accordance with the relevant regulatory requirements, so that the construction of electrician qualified personnel laying. Line laying conditions directly affect the wire heat dissipation. In general, the line laying should not be through easy, combustible material, stacking, which will lead to poor heat dissipation of the wire, heat accumulation, resulting in the possibility of igniting the surrounding combustible items.

    3, to strengthen the management of electricity, to avoid random wiring, chaos line, for higher power equipment, electrical appliances should be set up a separate line, should not use the mobile outlet as a wiring source.

    4, to speed up the renovation of the old line to eliminate fire hazards. Old enterprises, the old residential areas and other units, due to the use of a long time, many lines have been aging, more than the useful life. Part of the current carrying capacity of the line even if not large, but the aging line is also difficult to bear such a load, but also with the overload shown by the risk.