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    MV Submarine Cable

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    ZMS has been qualified by the ISO 9001, OHSAS 18001, ISO 14001 system successfully. 
    The whole quality assurance system covers the design and engineering, raw material selection, manufacturing, FAT, load out and also the service for site testing and maintenance.
    The submarine power cable has been qualified by different kinds of Reports and certificates according to IEC, ICEA, CIGRE standards:  Type test report issued by SECRI in Shanghai, DNV, BV, SGS inspection report, etc.MV Submarine Cable

    ZMS also has been qualified by some worldwide famous clients with the continuous development: e.g. Qatar Petroleum, Fluor, Nooc, Saudi Aramco, etc.Submarine Cable

    Submarine cable is vital in any submarine cable system, and shall need the strictest quality assurance.
    Due to the costly breakdown, recovery and repair operation, submarine cable is always vital in any submarine cable system, and demands the strictest quality assurance, although the technology and material to produce submarine cable is a matured source for submarine FO cable and MV submarine cable.

    ZMS Cable set up the quality assurance system as per ISO 9001, incorporated his experience on manufacturing. The whole quality assurance system cover the design and engineering, raw material selection,manufacturing, and FAT, load out.MV Cable

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