Whatever type of cable you need
ZMS Cable can provide a bespoke cable solution to your particular requirements
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Whatever type of cable you need, ZMS Cable can provide a bespoke cable solution to your particular requirements.

In addition to manufacturing new wire manufacturers cable designs to exact client specifications with surprisingly low minimum order quantities and short lead times, we can also improve and modify many existing cable types to provide cost effective solutions. This is particularly useful where relatively low volumes are required.



  • Cause of high voltage cable failure
    3 weeks agoCause of high voltage cable failure
    (1) Causes of cable body manufacturingGenerally, the problems that are easy to occur in the cable production process are insulation eccentricity, uneven thickness of the insulation shield, impurities in the insulation, protrusions in the inner and outer shields, uneven cross-linking degree, dampness of the cable, poor sealing of the metal sheath of t...
  • US power industry continues to slump
    1 month agoUS power industry continues to slump
    China Energy News - China Energy Network | Recently, the power companies in the US public utilities sector have successively announced the 2018 annual report. Although the industry financial report data has not changed significantly, and the indicators have remained basically stable, but the executives of the US power companies They are not satisfied w...
  • Ultra high voltage single core cable selection and application
    1 month agoUltra high voltage single core cable selection and application
    The sheath protector is generally installed in the cable line cross-connect box and in the grounding protection box.1, the role of the protective layer protector1) Limit the power frequency induced voltage in the metal sheath of the cable line——When the cable line is in normal working condition, the high voltage cable sheath protector exhibits a high r...
  • The difference between DC cable and AC cable in power cable
    1 month agoThe difference between DC cable and AC cable in power cable
    The DC cable has the following characteristics compared with the AC cable.1. The system used is different. The DC cable is used in the rectified DC transmission system, and the AC cable is often used in the power frequency (domestic 50 Hz) power system.2. Compared with the AC cable, the power loss during the transmission of the DC cable is small. The power loss...
  • Aluminum alloy core aluminum stranded wire overall performance improvement skills
    1 month agoAluminum alloy core aluminum stranded wire overall performance improvement skills
    The rated breaking force of the wire is calculated from the strength of all aluminum single wires and reinforcements. However, the actual breaking force will be deviated from the actual calculated value. The main reason is that the strength of each single wire is not fully utilized. Therefore, when designing the product, not only must meet the minimum stre...
  • Main factors that heat the wires and cables during operation
    1 month agoMain factors that heat the wires and cables during operation
    With the development of electricity, there are more and more aspects of relying on electricity in life, and the importance of wire and cable is also highlighted. We know that wire and cable are used for power transmission. If the wire and cable continue to heat up during operation, the temperature of the wire and cable will be too high. If it is short, it will cau...


QWhere should I find your product catalogue?

AYou’re welcomed to leave us a massage with your email address or send email directly to, our oversea sales will help you to get our newest catalogue in the soonest time.

QWhat products does ZMS Cable manufacture?

AZMS main products including:









QHow long does it take to get a cable price quote?

AMost quotes are returned immediately, however, if it is for a special construction, it could take up to 24 hours.

QWhat is your MOQ for each cable item?

AZMS Cable has one of the lowest order minimums in the nation at 100 meters. You are welcomed to discuss with our sales person in details.

QWhat is your average Lead time?

AIt’s within 15 working days in off season and within 30 days in peak season.

QHow to distinguish the quality of cable


  1. Check the color of conductor is bright and of metallic luster.
  2. Check label printing is illegible or not
  3. Twist insulation and sheath with hand to check whether it fades or loses word
  4. Scratch or nip insulation and sheath of cable with nails to see whether they pinch off.
  5. Measure inner and outer diameters, weigh the cable

QWhat types of Airfield lighting cables include?

ADivided by Application:

Primary circuit - 5kV: Located between the constant current regulators and the transformers on the runways, primary airfield lighting cables must be durable and watertight.

Secondary circuit- Providing the connection between the runway transformers and the lamps. These are highly flexible multiple 2-core standard rubber cables.

QWhat’s the difference between SWA and STA ?

ASAW means Steel Wire Armour, while STA stands for Steel Tape Armour. Please refer to the below pictures.

QWhat’s the meaning of 3.6/6kV voltage ?

A3.6kV stands for the phase to phase voltage, and 6kV stands for the Phase to earth voltage. Meanwhile there is a system voltage.

QWhat's the normal cable package?

AAll the goods are packed by Drum, Reel, Coils, Pallet, Carton etc. Normally packed by non-returnable Drums. The Drum was designed according to customer's Packing length and required quantity. We will design the package easiest to load into containers and minimize your shipping cost.

QWhat is the blocking-water conductor?

ABlocking water is meaning of the blocking water tape and blocking water glue in the conductor, so that could prevent the water into the conductor.

QWhat’s the difference between insulation level 100% and 133%?

AThey have different insulation level, such as the 100%, that stands for the nominal voltage, also for they have different insulation thickness.

QIs it possible to get a sample to confirm the quality?

AYes,customized cables are available for us.Free sample is offered for quality checking.

QAre the quotations will be strictly based on the standard?

AZMS cable is a professional manufacturer. All the prices are quoted strictly based on client’s required technical specifications and international standards.

QMy order is urgent, can you prepare it well in 3 days to deliver?

AYes, we have large cable inventories in normal times, we have professional team to handle the urgent orders, please don't hesitate to contact us, we will offer you the best solutions.


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