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  • QWhat is the package of the cable ?
    AThe package is usually wooden drum or steel wooden drum or coil.also according to customer’s requirement.
  • QWhen I want customized products, how to do?
    AWe have Equipped with professional equipment, technicians & skilled employees, OEM & customized service is welcome. Drawings / samples are required.
  • QWhat is the 36kv cable standard ?
    AIEC 60502-2
  • QWhat is Construction of THHW-LS Cable?
    A600V voltage ,Soft copper wire,PVC insulation
  • Qwhat is the package of the cable ?
    AThe package is usually wooden drum or steel wooden drum or coil.also according to customer’s requirment.
  • QHI,Please quote 36 kV 1 x 120 mm2 copper conductor/xlpe insulation /pvc sheath /copper screen/ power cable.
    A Yes,the CU/XLPE/CTS/PVC is much common for us. We shall get back to you within 3 hours.
  • QCan your factory customize cables basing on customer's sample? 
    AYes, we can. OEM/ODM is available.
  • QWhat is NYM-J cable?
    AInstallation cable suitable for household and industrial usage. Suitable for dry, same as damp or wet environment; for internal or external application .
  • QWhether these products quality assured ?
    AMost of cables are certificated. Also, we have strict QC, all products are 100% tested before delivery. Quality is assured.
  • QWhat is Construction of  NYM-J Cable?
    AConductor: bare copper conductor  class 1: solid (RE construction) class 2: multi wire stranded (RM construction) Insulation: PVC  Sheath: PVC compound