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The Application of Cross - linked Polyethylene Insulation
Cables can be divided into bare wires, insulated wires, heat-resistant wires, shielded wires, power cables, control cables, communication cables, and RF cables. Commonly insulated wires are the following: PVC insulated wire, PVC insulated cord, nitrile PVC insulation insulated cord, rubber insulated wire, agricultural underground buri...
Advantages and Disadvantages of Different Insulating Materials
Thisarticle mainly introduce the different inslulated materials with advantages and disadvantages. (1) plastic insulated cables. It has the advantage of good insulation performance, the manufacturing process is simple, the price is low, regardless of the application or pipe can replace the rubber insulation, thus saving a lot of rubber and...
Why Cables Have Armored and Twisted Structure ?
Power cables can be long-term, safe and reliable transmission of large-capacity electrical power supply known as the "power cable." The power cable is a conductor that has high quality insulation and has a variety of protective layers. Its main function, like overhead wires, transmits and distributes large-capacity electrical energy in power syst...
What is VDE 0276 medium voltage cable?
DIN VDE 0276 is the widely used German standard for cables with extruded insulation used in power distribution systems. This standard covers a significant percentage of power cables used across the European continent. It covers the various cable construction and test methods, and it consists of the following parts: DIN VDE 0276 Part 1: Gene...
General introduction of IEC 60840 high voltage cable
The International Electrotechnical Commission’s standard IEC 60840 references the requirements for cables and cable accessories with a voltage rating of between 30kV (Um 36kV) and 150kV (Um 170kV). The cables are of either single core or individually screened three-core cables but, as with the lower voltage standard IEC 60502, it excludes cables...
Do you know the difference between wire and cable?
There is no strict distinction between the "wire" and "the cable" and the precise and fixed conceptual distinction
What is the difference between overhead lines and power cable lines?
Overhead lines: They usually has no insulation, bare metal conductor, set up in the air to insulator string fixed on the tower, the air for the insulation. Key advantages: Low cost The disadvantage is the occupation of land resources (line corridor) more, affecting the city appearance. Overhead transmission lines from the line tower, wire, insula...
What types of fixed wiring cables have?
Fixed wiring cables are predominantly used as power supply cables for sockets, switches and light fittings across residential
Five Problems and Improving Methods of PVC Cable Material in Extrusion
First, Scorch phenomenon of PVC cable material when extrusion ,Mold export smoke, the smell of strong stimulation and crackling
The Process precautions of steel wire armored cable
The steel wire armored cable can bear greater mechanical force, and it is used more and more widely in our life with the development of social. During the production of steel wire armored cable