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ADB 500 million US dollars to build Bangladesh's first zero liquid discharge power plant

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Muhammad Alkama Siddiqui, Assistant Secretary of the Bangladesh Economic Relations Division, and Manmohan Parkash, Director of the Asian Development Bank in Bangladesh, signed a loan agreement at a ceremony in Dhaka.

"This large-scale project is based on the strong and sustained support of ADB in Bangladesh's power sector. It will use the latest mature combined cycle technology to convert natural gas into electricity to provide maximum efficiency," Xinhua quoted Parkash as saying.

ADB has placed greater emphasis on introducing new and high-impact technologies to benefit member countries. This will be the most advanced power plant with the latest zero liquid discharge technology, making it the first such power plant in Bangladesh.

Parkash said the project will provide an additional supply of electricity to about 300,000 consumers, create new jobs and stimulate business expansion. This environmentally friendly project will significantly improve energy security and the availability of efficient and clean energy.

In order to supply natural gas to the Rupsha power plant, the project will build a 12-kilometer natural gas distribution pipeline and fund the construction of a 230 kV switchyard and a 29-kilometer high-capacity transmission line to transfer power generation to the national grid.

According to the statement of the Asian Development Bank, the power plant project will also help strengthen the system of the Northwest Power Generation Company of the implementing agency by implementing a modern enterprise resource planning system and providing training for the implementation and operation of the system.

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