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Belt and Road Dunhuang Dance - ZMS 30th Anniversary Party

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On November 14th, 2018, the anniversary celebration of Zhengzhou ZMS cable was staged at the Yuda International Trade 

Hotel on the “On the Road, Departure·2018” celebration, presenting a multicultural feast for the audience. The evening 

was divided into two parts. The first part was based on singing and dancing. It was kicked off in the dance "Flower in 

Dunhuang", showing the profoundness of Dunhuang culture in the ZMS Belt and Road. ZMS employees from the international 

sales department showed a different style with passionate song and dance programs. A comprehensive music reproduction of 

Dunhuang's history, humanities, and art. The whole evening will be a fusion of warm Ukrainian songs and dances and 

beautiful Dunhuang symphony, showing the colorful silk road style for the audience.

With 30 years cable supply experience,over 25000 ㎡ non-dust factory,we have globle valued customers from 120 countries.

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In these decades, ZMS has transformed from a small company with only a few people to a company with a large number of 

employees. Under the conditions of its ability, ZMS provides accommodation, leisure and fitness facilities and vocational 

training. In the ZMS family, a group of loyal backbones have emerged for more than 10 years. These employees have 

dedicated their youth to the company and at the same time verified the development and growth of the company. The company 

has awarded more than 10 years of experience to the company. "I have you all the way" award. The award-winning staff also 

opened the curtain of this annual performance with wonderful performances.

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