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Benefits of double insulated PP cable

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Double insulated PP cable :The utility model has a conductive core, and an insulating layer is arranged outside the insulating core. The insulating layer has a double layer structure with an inner layer and an outer layer. The inner layer material is a low-smoke halogen-free crosslinked polyethylene insulation, and the outer layer material is a low smoke, no halogen resistance. Burning cross-linked polyolefin insulation. Compared to ordinary pvc insulation low-voltage cables and xlpe insulation low-voltage cables, there is one more insulation layer.

The effect is that the cable insulation layer produced by using the method can meet the requirements of the civil nuclear facilities project on the flame retardant performance, electrical performance, mechanical performance, radiation resistance performance and long-term life performance of the cable insulation layer.

1. High operating temperature: mineral insulated cables can withstand continuous operating temperatures up to 250°C. However, in emergency situations, the cable can be operated in a short time at a temperature close to the melting point of the copper sheath.

2. Fire resistance: The two materials used in mineral insulated cables, copper and magnesium oxide, are inorganic. This type of cable will not burn, it will not support combustion, and it can continue to operate under conditions close to the flame.

3. Explosion protection: highly compacted insulating material in mineral insulated cables that prevents steam, gases and flames from passing between equipment parts connected to the cable

4. Safety against electric leakage: Sometimes electric wires can be affected by the outside environment and they may often suffer from movement or friction. Therefore, the double-insulated wire can prevent the wire from being broken due to friction, thereby preventing leakage and ensuring safe power.

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