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Brazilian National Oil Company Launches 1,700km Submarine Cable System Bidding

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Petrobras, Brazil's national oil company, has launched a tender for a submarine cable system that connects Brazil's southeast coast.

According to informed sources, starting this month, Petrobras will receive commercial tenders for the installation and operation of a 1,700-kilometer submarine cable system on the southeast coast.

The submarine cable system is designed to connect Petrobras' 36 production facilities in the Campos, Espírito Santo and Santos basins, which are responsible for almost the entire Brazilian oil and gas production.

Petrobras stated that the construction of the submarine cable system is to improve real-time data communication capabilities to support the company's decision-making process. At the same time, the system also helps to expand related businesses in São Paulo.

Industry insiders expect that the successful bidder will include Embratec, a Brazilian telecommunication company. However, all winning bidders must purchase cables and installation services provided by Prysmian and other companies.ZMS Cable can also make the submarine cable ,and always offer the best price for your projects !

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