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Heating cable installation

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1. The heat-generating cable is made of a cable structure, and uses electricity as an energy source, and uses an alloy resistance wire to conduct electricity and heat to achieve the effect of heating or heat preservation. There are usually single conductors and double conductors, which are called heating cables.


2. Heating cable heating is called the best heating method in winter.

3. Heating cable heating system is mainly based on far-infrared radiation heat transfer (accounting for more than 60% of total heat transfer), and its radiation principle is the same as solar radiation principle.

4. When installing a heating cable, pay attention to 10 points:

5. 1, the material specifications of various materials, the type of model must meet the design and corresponding specifications, must complete the corresponding documents;

6. 2, to prevent the heating cable is pressed into the insulation material, affect the life of the heating cable, the use of wire mesh or metal strap can prevent the heating cable pressed into the insulation material;

7. 3, tube wear limit in the confirmation of the heating cable or electric film after the correct laying, in the threading must be cleaned before the cassette, so that the color separation wire is correct, the amount of balance;

8. 4. The thermostat shall be installed horizontally and vertically, with accurate standards, close to the wall, fixed and fixed, and it shall meet the acceptance criteria for electrical sub-items.

9. 5, all construction workers must wear soft-soled shoes, the conduit is sealed and the entire work surface is cleaned;

10. 6. The installation of floor radiant heating systems should not be carried out simultaneously with other construction operations;

11. 7. In the process of pouring and curing the concrete filling layer, no trampling shall be allowed. When concrete is poured, protective measures shall be taken. The heating cable or electric film heating area shall not be directly pedaled or rolled; after the filling layer is cured, it shall not be Heavy load or high temperature objects on the ground;


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