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Mauritania to build 1,600 km of fiber optic cable in March

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The Ministry of Employment and Information and Communications of Mauritania has stated that it will deploy a fiber optic cable up to 1600 kilometers long this month.

According to reports, the deployment of fiber optic cables this month is one of the West African regional communications infrastructure planning WARCIP support projects, designed to enhance the communications infrastructure of West African countries.

Mohamed Ould Ahmed Abderrahmane, a spokesperson for the Ministry of Employment and Information and Communications of Mauritania, revealed that the new fiber optic cable infrastructure will connect more cities and regions in the country, enhance connectivity within and between regions, and promote the efficiency of regional Internet services.

Fiber Optic cable usually includes ADSS and OPGW two kinds:

ADSS and OPGW fiber optic cable belong to power cable, make full use of the special resources of power system, and build together with power grid structure closely, which has the characteristics of economy, reliability, rapidity and safety. The possibility of the power special optical cable being damaged by external force is small, the reliability is high, although its cost is relatively high, but the construction cost is lower. ADSS and OPGW fiber optic cable are installed in different voltage levels of various power towers, relative to the general optical cable, the mechanical properties, optical fiber characteristics, electrical characteristics have special requirements.

ADSS fiber optical cable mainly used in the construction of the information transformation of the line, more applications in the voltage level 220kV, 110kV, 35kV transmission lines. It is mainly to meet the requirements of large sag and large span of power transmission line. 

The OPGW fiber optic cable is affected by the power outage, safety and other factors in the new line application. Mainly in 500kV, 220kV, 110kV voltage grade line use, OPGW fiber optical cable is characterized by the high-voltage transmission lines on the overhead ground and communication cable integrated into a cable, the transmission line technology and optical cable technology to become a multi-functional overhead ground wire, both aerial cable, but also lightning, At the same time, shielding line, in the completion of the construction of communication lines, but also the completion of High-voltage transmission line construction, very suitable for new transmission lines. The common OPGW structure has three main categories, namely, steel tube type, aluminum tube type and aluminum skeleton type.

The characteristics and applicable environment of OPGW fiber optical cables are:

1. The OPGW fiber optical cable is metal armored, which has no effect on the corrosion and degradation of high voltage electric trace.

2. OPGW fiber optic cable in the construction must be not live operation, power loss is larger, so generally in the new 110kV above the High-voltage line should use OPGW cable;

3. High voltage over 110kV line, the distance is larger (generally above 250M);

4. Easy to maintain, for the line across the problem is easy to solve, the mechanical characteristics of the line to meet the large span.

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