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Precautions for Preheating Wire and Cable Conductors

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Wire and cable are everywhere in our lives, and wires and cables often encounter conductors that need to be warmed up during production.

Wires and cables are everywhere in our lives. In the production process of wires and cables, we often encounter conductors that need to be warmed up. However, we do not know enough about the reason for the preheating of conductors and the setting of process parameters. The following describes the precautions for preheating wire and cable conductors. :

1. Keep the preheater and the nose as close as possible to ensure the stability of the payoff line to avoid heat loss.

2. For UL wire rods, there is a requirement for the tensile strength of the insulation, and physical mechanical performance tests are arranged at the first inspection.

3. When the moisture on the surface of the conductor is serious, it should be wiped before entering the preheater to avoid conductor oxidation and spotting;

4, in the production debugging, disconnection processing and other exception handling, should pay attention to changes in preheat temperature; if necessary, need to temporarily turn off the preheater;

5, preheating temperature is too high, will cause shrinkage and even carbonization of the filling fiber, resulting in reduced tensile strength, please check;

6. The preheating during induction is only for bare conductors and is not effective for insulated cores;

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