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The cause of the problem with the power cable

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The reasons for the problem with the power cable usually have the following points: 1. The contact surface of the connecting fitting is not well handled. Connecting pipes or terminals are generally important. Due to the influence of production and storage, there are impurities, burrs or oxide layers. Especially the aluminum surface is very easy to form a hard and insulating oxide layer. Only by eliminating these defects, the cable joints and The quality of the process. Second, the damage of the conductor. The strength of the stripping cable insulation is large, and sometimes it is hard to use a hacksaw. It is often difficult to damage the conductor. This damage does not seem serious, but the wire core will be intensified when bent, resulting in a reduction in cross section and increased heat generation. Third, the conductor link may not be in place. When the conductor is connected, the length of the insulation stripping is required to be 5 ram deep in the crimping fitting, otherwise the gap will be formed at the end of the wire, and the heat will be increased only by the wall thickness. Fourth, the pressure of the conductor link is not enough. Some press dies cannot be matched, so the quality of the crimp is not enough. 5. The connector of the cable was struck by lightning. Some wire and cable connectors are not equipped with lightning rod connectors, which cause lightning strikes in the cable connectors and cause explosions to burn. Frequently measuring the temperature of the cable joint lead-out point is an effective measure to check the quality of the joint. Generally, it can be performed by an infrared thermometer. In summary, the problems in power cables are generally so many. In general, prevention is the main task. The quality, innovation and laying work of power cables are strengthened, so that power cables can solve these problems from the root cause.

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