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The development prospects of the cable industry continue to improve

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Wire and cable is an important industry in the national economic construction. After 50 years of construction, especially the rapid development of reform and opening up 20 years, the product variety satisfaction rate has reached more than 95%, and the domestic market satisfaction rate has reached more than 90%. Experts predict that due to the country's emphasis on infrastructure construction, such as the development of information highways, the rise of communications, the replacement of power equipment and the need for energy conservation, new requirements for wire and cable varieties and levels will continue to be imposed. pointed out that at present, only 30% of cable varieties in China reach the level acceptable and competitive in the international market, and 70% of cable varieties urgently need to improve product levels and grades. Demand will not increase much in the coming period, but the demand for varieties and levels will be a period of vigorous development. actively adjusted its thinking, established a technology innovation strategy, optimized product structure, and continuously improved the competitiveness of enterprises.

    First, accelerate the integration of resources, actively promote the reform of industry and enterprise structure through macro-policy guidance, and promote the optimization of industrial organization structure. Actively set up large enterprise groups and promote the specialized production of small and medium-sized enterprises, and form a large-scale and specialized production system in the industry.

    Second, play the role of associations in the development of the industry and build a bridge between enterprises and the government. At the same time, it will play a better role in maintaining the overall interests of the industry and regulating the market order of the industry. On the basis of continuously increasing the quality of product quality supervision and inspection, a unified, standardized, transparent and open market will be formed throughout the country.

    Third, actively promote the brand strategy, and promote the overall level of the industry by integrating superior resources. It is necessary to rely on science and technology, take enterprises as the main body, enhance independent research and development capabilities, vigorously develop new products and promote product upgrading. Advocate industry backbone enterprises to cooperate and jointly carry out basic research work and product reliability research, so that the level of product design, manufacturing and operation is gradually improved.

    Fourth, enterprises should increase the intensity of technological transformation, start from the basic production process, actively adopt high-quality and efficient process equipment, and eliminate obsolete equipment with high energy consumption and environmental pollution. Emphasis on resource-saving product technology, production technology, enhance sustainable development capabilities, and enhance online automatic testing capabilities.

Fifth, vigorously promote the application of environmentally friendly production technology and actively develop environmentally friendly wire and cable products. At the same time, efforts will be made to improve the management level of enterprises, actively promote institutionalized management, refined management and market-oriented operations, comprehensively improve the overall operational efficiency of enterprises, and promote the transformation of the industry to achieve industrial growth.

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