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The main character of Nylon materials

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the nylon sheath cable THHN THWN cable is more and more widely used in many places.

Nylon(Simply PA), a plastic materials made of polyamide resin, which can be prepared by polycondensation of diamines and dibasic acids, also can be formed by dehydration of amino acids by ring-opening polymerization. Different from the PP and PE materials, the nylon materials does not soften gradually with increasing heating temperature, but it will soften in a narrow temperature range near the melting point, the melting point is 215-225 ℃. Once the temperature is reached, it flows. Therefor, the nylon sheath cable THHN THWN cable is more and more widely used in many places.

Because of its characters as following, Nylon sheath cable is mainly used in many places, such as automotive industry, electrical and electronics industry, transportation, machinery manufacturing industry, wire and cable communications, film and daily necessities.

1. High mechanical strength, good toughness, high tensile strength, compressive strength. Tensile strength higher than the metal, comparable to compressive strength and metal, but its rigidity is less than the metal. Tensile strength close to the yield strength, more than double the ABS. On the impact, stress and vibration absorption capacity, impact strength is much higher than the average plastic, and better than the acetal resin.

2. Outstanding fatigue resistance, parts after repeated inflection can still maintain the original mechanical strength. Common escalator handrails, new bicycle cycles and other cyclical fatigue extremely obvious occasions often use PA.

3. High softening point, heat-resistant (such as nylon 46, high-crystalline nylon heat distortion temperature can be long-term use at 150 degrees .PA66 after glass fiber reinforced, the heat distortion temperature reached 250 degrees above).

4. Smooth surface, low coefficient of friction, wear-resistant. When the mechanical components for self-lubricating, low noise, the friction is not too high can be added without the use of lubricants; if you really need to use lubricant to reduce friction or to help cooling, the water and oil can be selected. As a result, it has a long service life as a transmission part.

5. Corrosion-resistant, very alkali-resistant and most salts, also weak acid, oil, gasoline, aromatic-resistant compounds and general solvents, aromatic compounds are inert, but not resistant to strong acids and oxidants. Can withstand the erosion of gasoline, oil, fat, alcohol, weakness, etc., and has good anti-aging ability. For lubricating oil, fuel and other packaging materials.

6. self-extinguishing, non-toxic, odorless, good weather resistance, inert to biological erosion, good antibacterial, anti-mold ability.

7. Have excellent electrical performance. Good electrical insulation, nylon volume resistance is high, high breakdown voltage, in a dry environment, for power frequency insulation materials, even in high humidity environment still has good electrical insulation.

8.Parts light weight, easy to stain, easy to shape. Because of the lower melt viscosity, can quickly flow. Easy to mold filling, high solidification after filling mold, rapid stereotypes, so the molding cycle is short, high production efficiency.

In addition to transparent nylon, we (ZMS Cable) also can make other colors, such as the black. And our nylon sheath cable have made it successfully and won the approval from our customers. 

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