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What is the difference of control cable and power cable ?

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with power cables are two of the five major categories of cables.

Cables are divided into power cables, control cables, signal cables (communication cables)

Power cable and control cable are the common exporting cable type .Control cables belong to electrical equipment cables, with power cables are two of the five major categories of cables.

some customer have questions on control cable and power cable differences .Today we collect for everyone.

 Application :Power cables are used to transmit and distribute electrical energy.Power cables are used to transmit and distribute electrical energy.

While Control cables are specially designed for the centralized control of electrical equipment and a variety of automatic and wire control command control circuit cables! Its control is said that its role is to transmit control instructions dedicated non-load cable.

 Cable Type :Power cables are cable products used to transmit and distribute high-power electric power in trunk lines of power systems, including various insulated power cables with various voltage levels of 1-500KV and above.

   While Control cable is suitable for industrial and mining enterprises, energy transportation sector, for the exchange of rated voltage 450/750 volts below the control, protection lines and other occasions used in PVC insulated PVC sheathed control cables. 

 Voltage : Power cable mainly refered to cable are above 0.6/1KV .The voltage can be up to 500KV .

While Control cable are mainly  mainly 450/750V ,within 0.6/1kv .

  Construction : Control cables are mainly paris and many cores ,

  Size :Because of the voltage difference ,Power cable specifications generally can be larger, up to 500 square feet (conventional manufacturers can produce range), and then a large section of the general can do relatively few manufacturers, and the control cable section is generally smaller, the maximum is generally not more than 10 square.

  standard : 

Power cable standard :IEC 60502-1,GB12706

Control cable standard :GB/T9330-2008,BS5308-1:19,BS5308-2:1986

  Color identify:

The color of the control cable insulation core are generally black printed white, there are low-voltage power cables are generally color separation.

 outward appearance: The power cable always have thicker sheath ,while control cable have thinner sheath .

Above are the mainly difference ,hope you will have a simply knowledge of that .Any cable inquiry you can contact ZMS cable .We will  offer our best technical and price support !

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