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ZMS Cable Anniversary Celebration Meeting 2018

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The ZMS Cable celebrated decades Anniversary of being into cable factory and overseas cable business. The Anniversary Celebration was an opportunity to recognize and honor the history of the ZMS Cable, while acknowledging those who make it what it is today. The ZMS Cable anniversary celebration took place on November 14, 2018,in Yuda Hotel,Zhengzhou,China.

The primary focus of ZMS Cable Anniversary Celebration Meeting 2018 is on offering business partner and team  a great opportunity to share, develop, build and maintain meaningful relationships and friendships with like-minded peers at the same time learning together.

1.ZMS Open Video

2.ZMS CEO Mr. Ren did ZMS Cable history and presentations

3.Maori Haka Dance

4.Speech by staff representative Mr.Bibby

5.ZMS Cable Development Sand painting Show

6.Business Partners  Celebration Video

7.Magic Show.

8.Dunhuang flying dance

9.Evening dinner


This is a rare, yet very special occasion. Now ZMS Cable Anniversary of communication and Celebration is all because of You ALL who make ZMS Cable what it is. We are together, pioneering forward with you.

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