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ZMS Cable held New Decade Anniversary Celebration

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On November 14th, ZMS held its new decade anniversary celebration at Zhengzhou Yuda Hotel. After years of rain and wind, we don't forget my heart. ZMS is grateful to everyone who has contributed to the development of the company. Thanks to every customer and partner who trusts each other! ZMS has sailed from the sail to the foundation.

The celebration ceremony is divided into three chapters, closely following the theme of “RE-Start”. In the form of song and dance, sand painting, tea ceremony, magic show, etc., it shows the entrepreneurial spirit of entrepreneurial staff’s perseverance and hard work. Their persistence and gratitude; the site also commended a group of outstanding employees who are diligent, dedicated, dedicated and outstanding.

The celebration ceremony led the general manager to lead a section of Maori dance. I deeply reviewed the entrepreneurial history of entrepreneurs who are full of enthusiasm and courage; reviewed the hardships of the company at the beginning, revisited the unforgettable entrepreneurial story, and expressed good wishes for the company's future development. While ZMS is constantly developing and growing, it should also highlight the company's humanistic sentiments. It must be a company with excellent indicators, solid foundation, sound system, high quality, healthy and harmonious, and respectable. "The long-term foundation of the industry" is the pursuit of the Sunshine people. At the celebration meeting, the grand recognition of the 16 entrepreneurial employees pushed the conference to a climax.

The celebrations are elegant and the humanities are full of emotions. There is both respect for history, objective affirmation of reality, and prospects for the future, which are highly praised by the participants.

In the past three years, the company's key indicators for performance evaluation ranked the top two in Zhengzhou, and continuously completed the new business value task, becoming China's most representative cable supplier company.

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