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ZMS Cable successfully delivered Bangladesh's 33kv submarine cable.

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ZMS Cable has successfully completed the supply and installation of the 33kv submarine power cable in Bangladesh. Submarine cables are connected to chittagong and sundwyp.

ZMS Cable and Bangladesh electric power development committee (BPDB) signed the contract in September 2017.ZMS Cable has completed the production of 30 kilometers of submarine cables with two consecutive unconnected lengths.

The submarine cable has a size of 3x500mm2.The lack of local resources, the depth of 6 meters and the remote landing are challenging work, according to the company.

"We are pleased to be able to work with SBSS as our installation partner to overcome all obstacles and successfully complete the installation in early February 2018.We are proud to be able to provide reliable electricity to the people of sanderville, Bangladesh, and to contribute to China's One Belt And One Road initiative.

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