Disposal of Waste Wires and Cables

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Recycling and Classification of Waste Cables

1. Recycling common electrical accessories: cable terminal junction box, waste wire and cable disposal method 

connection pipe and terminal, cable intermediate junction box, steel plate junction slot, cable bridge, etc.

2. Recycling Cable Bridge Frame: General industrial and mining enterprises lay power cables indoors and outdoors, 

disposal methods of waste cables and cables control cables, also can be used for telecommunications, radio and 

television departments indoor and outdoor erection.

3. It can be divided into bare conductors, insulated wires, heat-resistant wires, power cablescontrol cables

shielded wires, communication cables, radio frequency cables and so on.

4. Recycling cable intermediate joints: devices that connect cable to cable, insulation shielding layer and 

protective layer, so as to connect cable lines. The disposal method of waste wire and cable is called cable 

intermediate joints.

Treatment of Waste Cables

1. Manual peeling method: This method uses manual peeling, which has low efficiency, high cost and poor operating 

environment for workers.

2. Incineration method: Incineration method is a traditional method, which burns the plastic skin of waste cables 

and recovers copper, but the smoke pollution is very serious. At the same time, the surface of copper wires is 

seriously oxidized during the incineration process, which reduces the metal recovery rate. This method has been 

strictly prohibited by governments all over the world; Treatment methods of waste cables and wires

3. Mechanical peeling method: using cable peeling machine to deal with the waste wires and cables. This method 

still needs manual operation. It is semi-mechanized, labor-intensive and inefficient, and only suitable for the 

treatment of thick cables.

4. Chemical method: The technology of dealing with waste wires and cables by chemical method was put forward in 

the 1990s. Some countries have studied the methods of dealing with waste wires and cables, and our country has 

also studied them during the Eighth Five-Year Plan. The biggest disadvantage of this method is that the waste 

liquor can not be disposed of and has a great impact on the environment, so it is seldom used.

5. Freezing method: The method of disposing waste wires and cables was also put forward in the 1990s. Liquid 

nitrogen was used as refrigerant to make waste wires and cables brittle at extremely low temperatures, and then 

broken and vibrated to separate plastic sheets from copper segments. During the Eighth Five-Year Plan period, a 

study was carried out in China. The method of disposing waste wires and cables was also put forward. However, the 

disadvantage of this method is high cost and difficult to enter. Industrialized production.

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