PV cable testing and certification

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As an independent third-party testing laboratory, UL is pleased to expand its testing and certification services for photovoltaic (PV) cables used in the solar and photovoltaic industries in North America, Europe and globally.

Since their introduction in 2014 and 2017 respectively, EN 50618 and IEC 62930 have become accepted in Europe and around the world for the certification of PV cables.   

EN 50618 requires flexible (Class 5 – EN 60228) halogen-free cables, from 1.5 to 240mm²  whereas the new IEC 62930 has a larger scope which covers both stranded (from 16mm²) and flexible stranded (from 1.5mm²) cables up to 400mm², both halogen-free cables and cables that may contain halogens.

Testing scope at UL


IEC 62930 : 2017 

Electric cables for photovoltaic systems with a voltage rating of 1,5 kV DC

EN 50618 : 2014 

Electric cables for photovoltaic systems

UL 4703 : 2014 

Photovoltaic wire

CSA C22.2 No. 271 : 2011 

Photovoltaic cables

Types of UL services

Research testing: the characteristics of your cable can be tested by an independent Third Party Testing Lab, either with targeted testing or under a full-test program according to the latest standards or technical specifications. A UL test report with all of the data is provided.

Certification: Obtain a Third Party certification with UL according to one or more standards described in Table 1.

Scope of tests according to EN and IEC standards 

Dimensional and Constructional 

Diameter, thickness, ovality, marking


Mechanical characteristics before and after ageing, hot set test, cold impact, cold bend, elongation at low temperature, pressure test at high temperature, dynamic penetration test


Resistance of conductor, voltage test, insulation resistance, long-term resistance of insulation to DC, surface resistance of sheath


Compatibility test, damp heat test, thermal endurance


Resistance against acid and alkaline


Resistance to ozone, weathering/UV resistance


Assessment/absence/determination of halogen


Vertical flame propagation, smoke emission of cable

For special test requests or for more information regarding testing at UL, feel free to contact us with the details of your enquiry.

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