The Main Role of Cable Armoring and Stranding

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When your cable needs extra protection to withstand the harshest conditions, armored sheathing may be your best choice. Armored cables are a type of cable with a metal or plastic overcoat. This overcoat serves as a protective layer and is much stronger than any type of traditional cable sheath. This type of armoring can make the cable extremely strong and durable, as discussed further below.

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Commonly used armor materials are steel tape, steel wire, aluminum tape, aluminum tube, etc.


Different sizes and numbers of copper wires are stranded together in a certain order of arrangement and stranding distance to become a large diameter conductor. This stranded large-diameter stranded conductor than the same diameter size of a single copper wire more flexible. Therefore, the bending performance of the wire is good, and it is not easy to break during the shaking test. It is easier to meet the requirements for some wires that require softness (let's say medical-grade wire).


From the electrical performance: after the conductor is energized, the electrical resistance consumes electrical energy and generates heat, which will affect the performance life of the insulation and protection layer materials as the temperature rises. To make the cable run efficiently, the conductor cross-section should be increased. But the large cross-section of a single conductor is not easy to bend, has poor flexibility, very unfavorable to the production of transport and installation and laying. From the mechanical properties and require flexibility, reliability, multiple single wires twisted together stranded, which in turn can solve the contradiction.