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Galvanized Steel Wire Armoured Control Cable
Multi-core cable, XLPE insulation, Galvanized Steel Wire Armoured ,Control Cable,Instrument Cable
Flexible control cable
Flexible control cable is used for loop control and line protection in low voltage.
0.6/1kV Instrument Cable
Instrument cable is suitable for instruments and other electrical equipment in the signal transmission and control circuit.
Lan Cable
LAN cables are a specific type of data cable used in computer networking. There are two different types of local area network cables. The first is a standard cable that connects a computer to a router or hub, and the second is called a crossover cable, connecting two computers together.
6/10 kV Cu(AL) / XLPE / SWA(STA) / PVC Power Cable(3 & 1 core(s) AWA)
6/10KV AL/CU Conductor XLPE insulated SWA(STA) Armoured PVC sheathed Power Cable