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MICC Mineral Insulated Copper Clad Fireproof Cable
Mineral Insulated Flexible High Temperature Cable MICC Series Excellent Shielding Property.
Copper Concentric Cable 03
Concentric Cable, Copper Concentric Cable, 2*6AWG Concentric Cable, 1*6+1*6 Concentric Cable, 2*8AWG, AWG Concentric Cable, Split Concentric Cable.
4 core Copper Concentric Cable
600/1000V Copper Concentric Cable,copper concentric cable,4*10AWG Concentric Cable,3*10+1*10 concentric Cable , 3*16AWG. Copper concentric cable.round concentric cable
Copper Concentric Cable 02
Concentric Cable, Copper Concentric Cable, 3*6AWG Concentric Cable, 2*6+1*6 Concentric Cable, 3*4AWG, 3*2AWG. 0.6/1kv Concentric Cable. Round Concentric Cable
Copper Concentric Cable 01
Concentric Cable, Copper Concentric Cable, 3*6AWG Concentric Cable, 2*6+1*6 Concentric Cable , 3*4AWG,3*2AWG. 0.6/1kv Concentric Cable.Flat Concentric Cable
PVC / XLPE Insulation Control Cable
Control cables are versatile multi-core power and signal control cables suitable for a wide variety of industrial applications.
Armored Instrument Cable
Paired or Triplex Instrument Cable, Screening Control Cable,XLPE Insulation, Armored Control Cable, Instrument Cable
Medium High Voltage Power Cable MV HV
Medium High voltage cables produced by ZMS can be used for more than 30 years. It is used for efficient transportation of medium-high voltage electricity.
EPR Insulated AC Medium-voltage Submarine Cable
36kv XLPE submarine cable is used for transmit and distribute power in power transmission and distribution system of 36kV or lower.
Concentric Cable
Application of cables and flexible cords in power installations. Recommended values for the current carrying of cables with rated voltages U0/U up to 18/30 kV.
H03VV-F  H05VV-F
PVC Insulated Flexible Power Cable H05VV-F H03VV-F RVV cable
Solar Cable, Solar Power Cable, Solar Power Wiring
A solar cable is the interconnection cable used in photovoltaic power generation. Solar cables interconnect solar panels and other electrical components of a photovoltaic system.
Airport Lighting Cable
Airport Lighting Cable, Airport Lighting Cable Suppliers and Manufacturers