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Flexible control cable
Flexible control cable is used for loop control and line protection in low voltage.
0.6/1kV Paired or Triplex Instrument Cable
Instrument cable is suitable for instruments and other electrical equipment in the signal transmission and control circuit.
TAGS: 600V 1000V PVC
0.6/1kV Armored Instrument Cable
Paired or Triplex Instrument Cable,Screening control cable,XLPE insulation, Armored Control Cable,Instrument Cable
Duplex Service Drop Wire
ABC cable bundled electrical overhead cable 0.6/1KV XLPE insulated Electrical ABC cable
LV ABC Cable
To be used at voltages of 600 volts or less phase to phase and at conductor temperatures not to exceed 75°C for PE insulated Conductors or 90°C for crosslinked polyethylene (XLPE)insulated conductors.
Nylon Jacket THHN cable
600V Copper Core PVC Insulated Nylon Jacket THHN Cable
 0.6/1kV overhead aerial bundled cable
Aerial Bundle Cable (ABC cable) is a very innovative concept for overhead power distribution as compared to the conventional bare conductor overhead cable.
0.6/1KV NYY cable
Single croe and Multi Core Cable.Soild or Stranded Plain copper ,PVC insulated and PVC sheathed.