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NYBY Cable
NYBY cable are applied for power distribution in city networks, industrial plants and on the places where mechanical damages are expected. May be laid in the ground, cable ducts and in open air.
Flexible control cable
Flexible control cable is used for loop control and line protection in low voltage.
0.6/1kV Paired or Triplex Instrument Cable
Instrument cable is suitable for instruments and other electrical equipment in the signal transmission and control circuit.
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0.6/1kV Armored Instrument Cable
Paired or Triplex Instrument Cable,Screening control cable,XLPE insulation, Armored Control Cable,Instrument Cable
Nylon Jacket THHN cable
600V Copper Core PVC Insulated Nylon Jacket THHN Cable
0.6/1KV N2XSY cable
600/1000V XLPE Insulated Copper wire screen PVC Sheathed Cable
0.6/1KV NYY cable
Single croe and Multi Core Cable.Soild or Stranded Plain copper ,PVC insulated and PVC sheathed.