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XLPE Cable, PVC Cable, ABC Cable, Power Cable:ZMS Cable can manufacture power cable, such as XLPE Cable, PVC Cable, ABC Cable, AAC Cable, ACSR, AFL Cable, Rubber Cable and PVC wire.
Airdac Concentric Cable
Airdac Cable is for house service connecting cable. Cable is made to be suspended in the air.
NYBY Cable
NYBY cable are applied for power distribution in city networks, industrial plants and on the places where mechanical damages are expected. May be laid in the ground, cable ducts and in open air.
0361 TQ Rubber Welding cable
0361 TQ 1000V rubber welding cable is Suitable for flexible use under rough conditions, on assembly lines and conveyor systems, in machine tool and motor car manufacturing,etc.
H01N2 Rubber welding cable
This rubber welding cable is designed for the transmission high currents from electric welding machines to the welding tool on manually or automatically operated line and spot welding machines.
0.6/1kV PVC /XLPE insulation Control Cable
Control cables are versatile multi-core power and signal control cables suitable for a wide variety of industrial applications.
Galvanized Steel Wire Armoured Control Cable
Multi-core cable, XLPE insulation, Galvanized Steel Wire Armoured ,Control Cable,Instrument Cable
H05RR-F Rubber Cable
The H05RR-F VR/TR Rubber Cable is suitable for operation under light stress in dry or damp conditions.
Flexible control cable
Flexible control cable is used for loop control and line protection in low voltage.
Control Cable with Screen Shield
Shielded control cable is used for loop control and line protection undergroud or in controlling instrument in low voltage.
0.6/1kV Paired or Triplex Instrument Cable
Instrument cable is suitable for instruments and other electrical equipment in the signal transmission and control circuit.
TAGS: 600V 1000V PVC
0.6/1kV Armored Instrument Cable
Paired or Triplex Instrument Cable,Screening control cable,XLPE insulation, Armored Control Cable,Instrument Cable
Quadruplex Service Drop Wire
The ABC cable has been widely used in our country with the advantages of excellent electric properties,strong ability to resist short circuit,long service life,light weight,easy to install,operate and maintain,etc
10KV XLPE Insulation ABC Cable
Overhead Application MV ABC Cable XLPE Insulated Cables 10KV ABC Aerial Bundle Cable copper aluminum or aluminum alloy conductor
Duplex Service Drop Wire
ABC cable bundled electrical overhead cable 0.6/1KV XLPE insulated Electrical ABC cable
Aerial Bundled Cable with IEC60520 Standard
overhead single core, 2 core, 4 core Aerial Bundled Cable with XLPE insulation