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19/33kv abc overhead cable

33kv aluminum conductor XLPE insulated aerial bundled abc overhead cable,Aerial Bundled Conductor (ABC) Cables.
19/33kv abc overhead cable


Aerial bundled cables are mainly used for secondary overhead lines on poles or as feeders

to residential premises.The cable as a new-type aerial cable is used for transmitting electric power overhead, extensively used in rebuilding of urban and forest region electrified wire netting. It improves the safety and reliance of electrified wire netting.


Basic design to IEC 60502 / AS/NZS 3599-1 standards


Phase Conductor: Circular compacted stranded H68 aluminium to BS2627.

Conductor Screen: Extruded semi-conductive layer.

insulation: XLPE.

insulation Screen: Extruded semi-conductive layer.

metallic Screen(optional): Copper wire screen or copper tape screen.

Separator: Semi-conductive swellable tape.

outer Sheath: HDPE.

Support Conductor: Galvanized steel wires.

Assembly: Three XLPE insulated screened cores are bundled around the galvanized steel

wires in a right hand lay.

IEC 60502 19/33 kV ABC for overhead distribution lines

NO.Cores X Cross SectionPhase ConductorMessenger Suspension Unit
StrandingNominal Sectional AreaNominal Sectional AreaBreaking Load
3X50 + 1X5019/1.78507/3.05060
3X150+ 1X5019/.141507/3.05060
3X70 +1X5037/2.5277/3.155062
3X150 +1X5037/2.251507/3.155062

Concentric strand aluminum wires as phase conductor; AAAC(all aluminum alloy conductors) or ACSR(aluminum conductor steel reinforced) as messenger (Neutral) core; Phase conductor is insulated by XLPE or HDPE or PVC