AAAC Conductor, All Aluminum Alloy Conductor

(AAAC) is a kind of energy, materials, high efficiency, high corrosion resistance of overhead lines with a kind of high-quality line.

Description of AAAC Cable

All Aluminum-Alloy Conductors (AAAC) is a concentric-lay-stranded conductor consisting of aluminum-alloy wires available in both single layer and multi-layer constructions.

Application of AAAC Cable

All Aluminum-Alloy Conductors (AAAC) can be used in Medium, High and Extra-High voltage transmission lines. AAAC offers better sag performance due to the high strength-to-weight ratio provided by the aluminum-alloy. In addition, AAAC provides a higher corrosion resistance than ACSR conductors.

All Aluminum-Alloy Conductors (AAAC) can be supplied to meet various International Standards as follows:

IEC 61089

ASTM B 399

BS EN 50182

DIN 48201

However, TBEA can also supply a range of alternative designs to meet customer-specified requirements.


Type & Designation of Bare conductor

TypeDescriptionNo. of WireSection Area (mm2)
AACAll Aluminum Conductor7~12710~1500
AAACAll Aluminum Alloy Conductor7~9116~1500
ACSRAluminum Conductors Steel Reinforced7~10316~1250
AACSRAluminum Alloy Conductors Steel Reinforced7~10316~1250
ACSRAluminum Conductors Aluminum Alloy Reinforced7~10316~1250
ACSR/AWAluminum Conductor Aluminum Clad Steel Reinforced7~10316~1250
GSWGalvanized Steel Wire3/2.64~37/4.5516.41~765.99

Overhead Cable

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The Adjuster
All customised cables designed by our cable engineer will be subject to testing to relevant standards and appropriate performance criteria. Bespoke cable testing will be conducted under our CNAS accreditation where appropriate. Where required by industry or application, we can submit for relevant cable certification and cable approval processes. For more information or to discuss possible custom designed cable solutions, please complete an enquiry form, contact our technical experts on the Technical Hotline +86 (0)371 6782 9333, or

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