Duplex Service Drop Wire

ABC cable bundled electrical overhead cable 0.6/1KV XLPE insulated electrical ABC cable

Duplex refers to the two communication devices, allowing two-way data transmission, the transmission of the cable used is called duplex service drop wire.

Duplex service drop wire is divided into half-duplex and full-duplex.

Half-duplex is possible to transmit data in both directions on the signal carrier, but not simultaneously.
In the communication process, the transmitter and receiver at both ends of the communication system can switch directions through the receive/transmit switch to achieve transmission in a single direction, or you can say that half-duplex mode is a switchable direction of simplex communication.
For example, when you press the call button, you can send a conversation to the other party, and the other party can also hear, but the other party can not talk to you at the same time.

Full-duplex service drop cable is able to transmit data in both directions of the signal carrier simultaneously in both directions, receiving data while sending data, requiring both the sender and receiver to have independent receiving and sending capabilities.
The full-duplex mode can also be seen as simplex communication that allows simultaneous transmission in both directions. 

Just like a telephone call, both sides can talk at the same time is the use of two-way instant transmission technology.
A duplex patch cord can be two simple patch cords formed by a special design, like the Uniboot patch cord that uses a single tube with two cores.


Primarily used for 120-volt overhead services applications such as street lighting, outdoor lighting, and temporary service for construction. 

To be used at a voltage of 600 volts phase-to-phase or less and at conductor temperatures not to exceed 75°C for polyethylene insulated conductors or 90°C for crosslinked polyethylene(XLPE) insulated conductors.


ASTM B230, B231, B232 and B-399, B498, ICEA S-76-474


The phase conductors are concentrically stranded compressed 1350-H19 aluminum and insulated polyethylene or crosslinked polyethylene(XLPE), The neutral messengers are concentrically stranded AAC, ACSR, or 6201 aluminum alloy.

Technical parameters:

Code NamePhase ConductorBare NeutralApprox.Weight
 SizeStrandingInsulation ThicknessSize  StrandingXLPEPE

AWG -milAWG    -lbs/1000ft
AAC Neutral Messenger
 6201 Alloy Neutral Messenger
Code NamePhase ConductorBare NeutralApprox. Weight
 SizeStrandingInsulation ThicknessSizeStrandingXLPEPE

AWG-    milAWG-lbs/1000ft
ACSR Neutral Messenger

 6201 Alloy Neutral Messenger


(1) Designated sizes are ACSR 6/1 diameter equivalent and AAC with equivalent resistivity per ASTM B-399 for 6201.

(2) Conductor temperature of 90°C for XLPE, 75°C for PE; ambient temperatures of 40°C; emissivity 0.9; 2ft. / sec.

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