HTLS Conductor Products --- ACCC/TW (Carbon Fiber Composite Core Conductor)

HTLS Conductor Products --- Carbon fiber composite core conductor is a new type of overhead transmission line.

HTLS Carbon fiber composite core conductor is a new type of overhead transmission line conductor with light weight, good tensile resistance, thermal stability, strong current carrying capacity per unit area, and outstanding corrosion resistance.

Carbon fiber composite core wire (ACCC/TW conductors) has the advantages of energy-saving, consumption reduction, and being lightweight. 

It has good application prospects in the future power grid transmission lines and will replace the traditional ACSR, ACSR/AW, and AACSR...

The new ACCC/TW overhead line is a new overhead power line of ZMS Cable Company, which is used in the field of power transmission and distribution. 

The wire is concentrically twisted with a trapezoidal aluminum wire around the carbon conductor fiber-reinforced core. 

The reason why trapezoidal aluminum wires are used is to improve the tightness of aluminum stranded wires under the same conductor outer diameter. 

The ACCC/TW wire is designed to have the same outer diameter as the common round single-wire stranded steel core aluminum stranded wire (ACSR or ACSS). 

Because the wire adopts trapezoidal aluminum wire combined with a carbon fiber reinforced core with a smaller outer diameter, it can achieve nearly 28% more aluminum wire cross-section than the usual same cross-section steel core aluminum stranded wire (ACSR or ACSS). 

With more aluminum wire cross-section combined with a higher working temperature, the wire can achieve twice the current transmission current of the existing wire.

The central reinforcing element of the wire is made of carbon and glass fiber composite materials, and 2~4 layers of annealed 1350 aluminum (alloy) wires are concentrically stranded on the periphery of the reinforcing element. 

The annealed type 1350 aluminum (alloy) wire meets the newly released ASTM B857/ASTM B609 standard requirements.

Features and Advantages:

ZMS ACCC/TW conductor is superior to the current concentric stranded aluminum steel stranded wire (ACSR or ACSS) in many aspects, which are mainly reflected in transmission capacity, wire sag, line loss, and structure of the reinforced core. 

At the same time, the existing transmission and distribution lines can be replaced quickly and at a lower cost to increase the transmission capacity of the line, thereby alleviating the dilemma of power supply capacity bottlenecks, bringing significant benefits to power companies, and ultimately bringing power to industrial enterprises, businesses, and residents. Come to facilitate.

Compared with the traditional common concentric stranded steel core aluminum stranded wire (ACSR or ACSS), ZMS wire also has some important features and advantages:

A. The wire can be continuously operated at a high temperature of 175°C without failure, 200° It can be maintained for a short time at temperature.

B. The wire has a lower thermal expansion coefficient than conventional steel-cored aluminum stranded wire (ACSR or ACSS) so that the central reinforced core has better wire sag during high-temperature operation.

C. The wire is hardly affected by the long-term creep of the outer aluminum wire.

D. The weight per unit length of the wire is still lighter than the conventional steel core aluminum stranded wire (ACSR or ACSS) to be replaced when the area of the aluminum wire is increased. the latter.

E. The wire adopts annealed aluminum wire twisted structure on the periphery of the reinforcing core to make it have self-damping characteristics so that the line can be vibration-proof without the need for anti-vibration hammers and other vibration reduction devices.

F. Eliminate the corrosion between the current galvanized or 5% zinc-aluminum-rare earth cerium alloy steel core aluminum stranded wire.

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