Overhead insulated cable

Overhead cables are often referred to as overhead power cables, and the conductors can be both copper and aluminum.

Aerial cables are often referred to as overhead power cables and the conductors can be copper and aluminum.

ZMS cable suppliers can provide single-core copper or aluminum overhead insulated cables, copper flat overhead power cables, and ABC overhead bundled cables.

Cables can also be manufactured as per IEC standards.

These cables are widely used in power transmission systems and train running signals worldwide.

Technical parameters of overhead insulated cable

1 Rated voltage: 0.6/1KV, 10KV.

2 Long-term allowable working temperature of the cable: 70℃ for PVC insulation, 90℃ for cross-linked polyethylene insulation.

3 Short-circuit (maximum time not exceeding 5 seconds), the maximum temperature of the cable: PVC insulation is 160 ℃, high-density polyethylene insulation is 150 ℃, cross-linked polyethylene insulation is 250 ℃.

4 Cable laying ambient temperature of not less than -20 ℃.

5 Allowable bending radius of cables:

(1) Rated voltage 1KV cable: 

Cable outer diameter (D) less than 25mm, should not be less than 4D, and cable outer diameter (D) of 25mm and above, should not be less than 6D.

(2) Rated voltage 10KV cable: 

The cable outer diameter should not be less than 20 (D + d) where D minus the actual outer diameter of the cable.

Overhead insulated cable executive standard

1KV overhead insulated cable: 

GB12527-90 is equivalent to IEC60502 and IEC227 of the International Electrotechnical Commission.

10KV overhead insulated cable:

GB14049-93 is equivalent to IEC60502 of the International Electrotechnical Commission.

Overhead insulated cable applications

Overhead insulated cable is a new series of products for overhead transmission lines to convey electricity, and it is preferred for the construction and reconstruction of power grids and 10kV transmission lines. 

It is the most suitable series of products for line maintenance and safety. The soft copper core products are suitable for transformer lead wires.

1 Suitable for more lightning areas

Overhead insulated cables can reduce line lightning attraction due to a layer of insulation protection.

Even if there is lightning, the impact will be much smaller, which can reduce the outage time of ground fault.

2 Old city remodeling

As the overhead insulated cable conductor can withstand a voltage of 15kV, the minimum vertical distance between the insulated cable and the building is 1m, and the horizontal distance is 0.75m.

Therefore, the 10kv overhead insulated cable instead of a low-voltage trunk line, directly into the load center, shortening the radius of the low-voltage grid power supply is the transformation of the old city is a proven distribution method.

Characteristics of overhead insulated cables

1 Weather resistance

High-voltage overhead insulated cable, in addition to meeting the high electrical performance requirements, also requires good weather resistance in order to work safely for a long time in sunlight irradiation.

Favorable anti-typhoon, the use of overhead insulated cable conductors, conductors' instantaneous collision will not cause a short circuit, reducing the fault, and greatly improving the line's ability to resist typhoons.

2 Insulation level

Overhead insulated cable when used, will be significantly better than the general cross-linked cable.

Moreover, the overhead cable is insulated by the main insulation and the air medium to bear the insulation performance.

Therefore, comprehensively, the insulation level of overhead cable is higher.

3 Good corrosion resistance

Due to the outer insulation layer, the degree of oxidation and corrosion of the bare wire is small, with strong corrosion resistance, which can extend the service life of the line.

4 Anti-vandalism

Overhead insulated cable reduces the influence of external factors such as trees and dust, reducing short-circuit and grounding accidents.

Overhead Insulated Cable Model

JKL Copper core polyethylene insulated overhead cable

JKLY Aluminum core polyethylene insulated overhead cable

JKYJ Copper core cross-linked polyethylene insulated overhead cable

JKTRYJ Soft copper core cross-linked polyethylene insulated overhead cable

JKLYJ Aluminum core cross-linked ethylene insulated overhead cable

JKLHYJ Aluminum core cross-linked polyethylene insulated aerial cable

JKTRY Soft copper core polyethylene insulated aerial cable

JKLHY Aluminum core polyethylene insulated aerial cable

The following cables are common:

ABC Cable (Aerial Bundled Cable)

Description of ABC Cable (Aerial Bundled Cable)

Rated voltage: 0.6/1kV Overhead Cable

Conductor: Aluminum

Insulation: XLPE/PVC/PE

Service wire: Phase Conductor+ Neutral Conductor

Standard: IEC 60502 BS 7870

Application Of ABC Cable (Aerial Bundled Cable)

Aerial Bundle Cable, known as ABC cable is a very good option for overhead power distribution compared to the conventional bare conductor overhead cable.

Al & CU Aerial Insulated Cable

Description of Al & CU Aerial Insulated Cable

The aerial cables are referred to as the following items:

1. Cu core XLPE insulated aerial overhead cable.

2. Soft Cu core XLPE insulated aerial overhead cable

3. Al core XLPE insulated aerial overhead cable.

4. Aluminum alloy care XLPE insulated aerial overhead cable

5. Rated voltage 1kv

6. The operating Temp is not less than -20ºC.

7. Standard IEC, BS AS, and China's national standard


Application Of Al & Cu Aerial Insulated Cable

These aerial or overhead cables are power cable series to transmit electricity in an overhead power transmission line.

The best choice for the construction and transformation of the electric network it is the most suitable product safety and maintenance of the line and a product. 

The soft copper core is used leads of the transformer.

Laying attention: laying aerial cables as entrance wires should keep cables a certain distance from the trees.

Overhead Cable

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ZMS Cable have a wide product scope, includes: Power cables up to 500kV, AAC, AAAC, ACSR conductors, ABC Cable,electric wires, instrument cable, telecommunications cable, Stay wires. With advanced manufacture technology, rich human resource and effective management system, we guarantee all products are manufactured strictly in accordance with GB, IEC, BS, NFC, ASTM, DIN standards,etc. Beyond quality control, ZMS have been trying its best to offer much higher standard of services rather than expected.

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