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AAAC Conductor, All Aluminum Alloy Conductor

(AAAC) is a kind of energy, materials, high efficiency, high corrosion resistance of overhead lines with a kind of high-quality line.
AAAC Conductor, All Aluminum Alloy Conductor

Description of AAAC Cable

All Aluminum-Alloy Conductors (AAAC) is a concentric-lay-stranded conductor consisting of aluminum-alloy wires available in both single layer and multi-layer constructions.

Application of AAAC Cable

All Aluminum-Alloy Conductors (AAAC) can be used in Medium, High and Extra-High voltage transmission lines. AAAC offers better sag performance due to the high strength-to-weight ratio provided by the aluminum-alloy. In addition, AAAC provides a higher corrosion resistance than ACSR conductors.

All Aluminum-Alloy Conductors (AAAC) can be supplied to meet various International Standards as follows:

IEC 61089

ASTM B 399

BS EN 50182

DIN 48201

However, TBEA can also supply a range of alternative designs to meet customer-specified requirements.


Type & Designation of Bare conductor

TypeDescriptionNo. of WireSection Area (mm2)
AACAll Aluminum Conductor7~12710~1500
AAACAll Aluminum Alloy Conductor7~9116~1500
ACSRAluminum Conductors Steel Reinforced7~10316~1250
AACSRAluminum Alloy Conductors Steel Reinforced7~10316~1250
ACSRAluminum Conductors Aluminum Alloy Reinforced7~10316~1250
ACSR/AWAluminum Conductor Aluminum Clad Steel Reinforced7~10316~1250
GSWGalvanized Steel Wire3/2.64~37/4.5516.41~765.99