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H05V-K/ H07V-K

PVC Insulated Copper Wire H07V-U H05V-K H07V-R H07V-F cable

H05V-K/ H07V-K



Class 5 flexible copper conductor according to

BS EN 60228 (previously BS 6360)


PVC (Polyvinyl Chloride) Type TI1 according to BS EN 50363


Voltage Rating (Uo/U)

H05V-K: 300/500V

H07V-K: 450/750V

Temperature Rating

Fixed: -30°C to +70°C

Flexed: -5°C to +70°C

Minimum Bending Radius

12: 5 x overall diameter

12: 6 x overall diameter

Sheath Colour

Red Black Blue Orange Yellow White

Green Grey Brown Violet Pink


Single croe and Multi Core Cable.Soild or Stranded Plain copper ,PVC insulated and PVC sheathed.

Nominal voltage Uo/U [V]300 / 500 volt 450 / 750 volt
Test voltage [V]AC2500
Temperature rangein motion +5°C till +90°C
Operating temperatureshort circuit°C250
Short circuit timemax.[sec]5
Bending radiusone time / fixedx diameter6
Flammabilitystandard EN 60332-1
 H05V-K H07V-K IEC 60332-1

H05V-K/ H07V-K

Core colour:

single core:Brown or Blue;

Two core: Brown and Blue

Three core: Brown,Blue and Green/Yellow

Four core: Green/Yellow, Black, Brown and Blue

Five core: Green/Yellow, Black, Brown,Blue and Black

Sheath colour:Grey

Other colours Available to order.

Minimum bending radius:10 times

Maximum conductor temperature:70°C

Maximum conductor temperature during short Circuit:160°c

Cable Standards:

BS EN 50525-2-31 (previously BS 6004, Cenelec HD21.3) BS EN/IEC 60332-1-2


PVC panel wiring for use in the switch control, relay and instrumentation panels of power switchgear and for purposes such as internal connectors in rectifier equipment, motor starters and controllers. 

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