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Power Cable

Power cables are used to transmit and distribute electrical energy. Power cables are commonly used in urban underground power grids, power station lead-out lines, power supply within industrial and mining enterprises, and over-the-river transmission lines.
12/20KV N2XSY cable
6/10KV 12/20KV 18/30KV Copper Core XLPE Insulated PVC Sheath N2XSY Cable
0.6/1KV N2XSY cable
600/1000V XLPE Insulated Copper wire screen PVC Sheathed Cable
0.6/1KV NYY cable
Single croe and Multi Core Cable.Soild or Stranded Plain copper ,PVC insulated and PVC sheathed.
0.6/1KV LSZH Sheath power cable
600V/1000V Aluminum or Copper XLPE Insulation Unarmoured & Armoured LSZH Sheathed Fire Resistant Power Cables
19/33KV power cable
Aluminum or Copper Conductor XLPE Insulated armored 33KV underground power cable price and specifications
76/132kV power cable
These single core or three cores cables with armoured are designed for distribution of electrical power with nominal voltage 76/132kV.
Concentric Cables
Application of cables and flexible cords in power installations. Recommended values for the current carrying of cables with rated voltages U0/U up to 18/30 kV.
110 /220 kV XLPE Power Cable
110/220kv Copper or Aluminum Conductor XLPE Insulated Power Cable
26/35 kV XLPE Power Cable Cu(AL) / XLPE / SWA(STA )/ PVC power cable(3 core and 1 core AWA)
26/35 kV Cu(AL)/XLPE /SWA(STA)/PVC Power Cable(3 CORE) AND 26/35 Cu(AL)/XLPE /AWA(ATA)(1 CORE )/PVC Power Cable.
12/20kV Cu(AL) / XLPE / copper wire+copper tape screen / SWA(STA) / PVC Power Cable(3 core and 1 core AWA)
12/20kV XLPE power Cable is used indoor or outdoor, in tunnel, cable furrow or pipe, to be laid underground, be applicable to the well, water inside and fall in the bad soil.
6/10 kV Cu(AL) / XLPE / SWA(STA) / PVC Power Cable(3 & 1 core(s) AWA)
6/10KV AL/CU Conductor XLPE insulated SWA(STA) Armoured PVC sheathed Power Cable
0.6/1 kV Cu(AL) / XLPE / SWA(STA) / PVC power cable
0.6/1 Kv Aluminum Conductor XLPE Insulated Steel Wire Armoured Power Cable