Al Cu XLPE PVC SWA STA Power Cable

Aluminum and copper Conductor XLPE or PVC Insulated SWA(STA) Armoured PVC Sheathed Power Cable

The armored sta cable includes an armored thermocouple, armored RTD, armored heater, and armored lead.

The main categories are:

Steel Tape Armored Cable

Steel Wire Armored Cable

Steel Wire Armored Cable is further subdivided into fine and coarse wire, so you can indicate your needs when you ask for the cable.


It is mainly used for temperature measurement, signal transmission, and special heating in the chemical industry, metallurgy, machinery manufacturing, power generation, and scientific test.

The most used is an armored thermocouple.

It can also be used for power cables in power networks, underground, and cable ducts.

1. 6/10 kV Cu(AL)/XLPE /SWA(STA)/PVC SWA Cable(3 CORE) AND 6/10 Cu(AL)/XLPE/AWA(ATA)(1 CORE )/PVC Power Cable

Cross-linked XLPE insulation electric power cable not only has excellent electric and mechanical properties but also has powerful Steel Wire Armour resistance against chemical corrosion, heat aging, and environmental stress.

2. Crosslinked 6/10kv XLPE insulated cable

Its structure is simple and can be used conveniently and also can be laid with no restriction of different levels.

The long-term operating temperature is 900C, and its transmission capacitance is large.


    ● Round bare aluminum conductor stranded according to IEC 60228

    ● Inner semi-conductive layer

    ● Core insulation XLPE

    ● Color code according to HD 308 S2

    ● Outer semi-conductive layer

    ● Semi-conductive tape

    ● Copper tape screen

    ● Filler

    ● PVC inner sheath

    ● Galvanized steel tape armor (STA)

    ● PVC outer sheath (red or black)

The steel wire armored cable is a kind of armored cable, and it is often expressed by the Arabic numeral 3.

The steel belt armored cable is mainly used on occasions where the bearing pressure is relatively large.
For example: crossing the highway, square, and vibration is relatively large roadside, railroad side, etc., suitable for the buried, tunnel, and through the pipe laying.

Two Arabic numerals in the model number.
"2" means polyvinyl chloride sheathing
"3" means polyethylene sheathing
This type of cable is generally used in the span distance is relatively large, laying drop occasions.


IEC60502-2, IEC 60228, IEC60332, BS 6622, and ICEA S-66-524 etc.

SWA/STA Cable Sizes

The Armor Cable is divided into
Steel belt armored (22,23)
The fine steel wire armored (32,33)
The coarse steel wire armored (42,43)

Steel belt armored cable models are VV22, VVP22, ZRVV22, and NH-VV2.
Control cable steel belt armored cable models are KVV22, KVVP2, KVVP22, ZR-KVV22
The steel wire armored sta power cable models are VV32, YJV32, ZR-VV32
Steel wire armored control cable model KVV32 KVVP32
Armored communication cable models are HYA53, HYAT53, HYA23, HYV22, HYA22 (rat-proof, buried)

Service Conditions and Parameters of Cable

PVC Insulated and Sheathed Power cables are suitable to be laid for distribution lines with A.C.50HZ and rated voltage up to 35kV.

With the characteristics of stable capability, advanced technology, broad material resources, low price, good flexibility, and ease to lay and maintenance.

What are the advantages of steel wire/tape armored cable?

1 Armored cable mechanical protection layer can be added to any structure of the cable to increase the mechanical strength of the cable and improve erosion resistance.

This is the wire and cable designed for the areas which are vulnerable to mechanical damage and highly susceptible to erosion.
It can be laid in any way and is more suitable for direct burial in rocky areas.

2 Armored cable is generally fixed laying power cable.
Commonly speaking, it is fixed in one place and basically does not move, and the power line transmits electric power.

3 Cable with an armor layer can also enhance tensile strength, compressive strength, and other mechanical protection to extend the service life.

4 The armor has a certain resistance to external force, and it can also prevent the mat from tearing and causing power transmission problems through the armor.
The bending radius of the armored is bigger than normal cable, and the armored layer can be grounded to protect the cable.

5 Armor can be regarded as armor, for example, when the cable is buried directly if it does not have armor, it is easy to be pierced by sharp objects to pierce the sheath and insulation layer, which is Laying the MV SWA cable underground.

Where do I use armored wire?

Usually, the cable can be buried directly into the ground.

Sometimes armored cables are used when used for outdoor installations or tunnels.

However, be aware that shovels or mechanical excavators may accidentally hit the buried cable during the process of burying it underground.

Is the armored cable waterproof?

Yes. Standard armored cable (AC) or metal-clad cable (MC) can be used where it may be temporarily exposed to rain during construction.

How many types of armored cables are there?

There are many types of armored cable products in terms of the number of conductor cores.

For example, 2-core armored cable, 3-core armored cable, 4-core armored cable, and even up to 36 cores.

Different armored cables, including aluminum armored cables and copper armored cables, have this multi-core construction.

MV(10kv 11kv 15kv ) Power Cable

Model and Description Uo/U(Um)=3.6/6(7.2), 6/6(7.2), 6/10(12), 8.7/10(12), 8.7/15(17.5)kVNo.of CoreConductor cross-section area(mm2)
XLPE Insulation1 core 3 core10 16 25 35 70 95 120 150 185 sq mm
Cu core

PVC sheathed power cable

Steel tape armored, PVC sheathed power cable

The steel wire armored, PVC-sheathed power cable

Al Core

PVC sheathed power cable

Steel tape armored, PVC sheathed power cable

The steel wire armored, PVC-sheathed power cable

What is the difference between SWA and AWA cables?

Single-core armored cable always has a layer of aluminum wire armor (AWA Aluminum Wire Armoring), not steel wire armor (SWA).

If you don't know how to choose the right cable product, or if you don't find the type and size of cable you need on this page.

Don't worry, please contact us.
You can send us your requirements and we can help you choose the right cable.

You can provide us with the following information: cable voltage, conductor material, insulation and sheath material, shielding type, armor type, etc.
Or you can also provide the cable installation environment, application requirements, etc.
We will serve you wholeheartedly.

In addition to the above cable products, we also offer Steel tape armored Cable Glands and Steel Wire Armored Cable Glands.

As a professional cable manufacturer, ZMS has a wide range of cable and conductor products for you to choose from.

We will provide attentive service and professional project solutions to everyone who needs them.

ZMS cable products are manufactured according to GB, IEC, BS, NFC, ASTM, DIN, and other international standards.

If you need the products on this page, we will provide you with the right SWA/STA armored cable price.


The packaging of ZMS cables is provided in wooden rolls, corrugated cartons, and reels.

The cable ends are sealed with BOPP self-adhesive tape and non-hygroscopic sealing caps to protect the cable ends from moisture.

We can print the required markings on the outside of the drums with waterproof material according to the customer's requirements.


Temperature RatingFixed: 0°C to +90°C
ConductorClass 2 Stranded Copper or Aluminum Conductors for Single Core and three-Core Cables
Conductor ScreenSemi-conductive XLPE (Cross-Linked Polyethylene)
Metallic ScreenIndividual or collective overall copper tape screen according to BS 6622
InsulationXLPE (Cross-Linked Polyethylene)
Insulation ScreenSemi-conductive XLPE (Cross-Linked Polyethylene)
Minimum Bending RadiusSingle core - Fixed: 15 x overall diameter
3 core - Fixed: 12 x overall diameter
ArmourSingle core: AWA (Aluminium Wire Armoured)
Multi-core: SWA (Steel Wire Armoured)
SheathPVC (Polyvinyl Chloride) Type TM1 according to BS 7655
FillerPET (Polyethylene Terephthalate) fibers
Core-covering:Binding tape
Min. bending radius15 times cable radius (single core), 12 times cable radius (multi-cores)

Power Cable

Power cables are used to transmit and distribute electrical energy. Power cables are commonly used in urban underground power grids, power station lead-out lines, power supply within industrial and mining enterprises, and over-the-river transmission lines.

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ZMS Cable have a wide product scope, includes: Power cables up to 500kV, AAC, AAAC, ACSR conductors, ABC Cable,electric wires, instrument cable, telecommunications cable, Stay wires. With advanced manufacture technology, rich human resource and effective management system, we guarantee all products are manufactured strictly in accordance with GB, IEC, BS, NFC, ASTM, DIN standards,etc. Beyond quality control, ZMS have been trying its best to offer much higher standard of services rather than expected.

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