NYBY Cable

NYBY cable are applied for power distribution in city networks, industrial plants and on the places where mechanical damages are expected. May be laid in the ground, cable ducts and in open air.

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NYBY power cable 0,6/1 kV with Cu conductors, PVC insulated and sheathed.

Distribution of power cable for static application, mostly in-ground, but also in water, within facilities, in cable canals, and in concrete.

Used in electric power plants, transformer stations, industrial plants, metropolitan networks, and other electric plants.

Applied in conditions requiring protection against heavier mechanical damages, but where cables are not exposed to heavier tensile strain.


HRN HD 603 S1

IEC 60502-1

DIN VDE 0276 part 603

cables with 6 and more conductors:

HRN HD 627 S1



Conductor: Cu, class 1 or 2 acc. to HRN HD 383 / IEC 60228 / DIN VDE 0295

Class 1: solid, round (RE)

Class 2: multi-wire stranded, round (RM) or sector (SM), multi-wire exceeding 50 mm² are compacted

Insulation: PVC compound, concentrically stranded cores, color-marked acc. to HRN HD 308 S2 / VDE 0293-308, with or without a protective yellow-green conductor

Filler: spouted elastomer or elastomer compound or wrapped thermoplastic tapes

Armor: double galvanized steel tapes

Sheath: PVC compound

Sheath Colour: black


Low Voltage Armoured Cable Nyby



Good Quality 0.6/1KV 4C underground Armoured power cable NYBY

Technical Data

Temperature Range

during installation: -5 °C up to +50 °C

fixed installed: -30 °C up to +70 °C

at short circuit of max. 5 s: up to 160 °C


Nominal voltage: Uο/U = 0.6/1 kV NYBY Cable

Test voltage: 4 kV

Maximal tensile strength: 50 N/mm²

Behavior in fire: IEC 60332-1

Minimal inner bending radius

single-core: 15D

multi-core: 12D

Special version upon request

Cross-sectional area customized

Aluminum conductor required


Excellent electric and mechanical characteristics

Best Resistance to chemical corrosion and heat-aging, environment stress, and flame-retardant

Simple in structure, Convenient to use

Reduce costs

Dimensions And Weights

number of cores x conductor cross-sectionConstructionConstruction of individual conductorInsulation thicknessSheath thicknessExternal diameterCable weight
N x mm²
N x mmmmmmmmKg/km
2 x 4RE1 x 2,211,815,3420
2 x 6RE1 x 2,711,816,3493
2 x 10RM7 x 1,3411,818,7668
2 x 16RM7 x 1,7011,820,9873
3 x 4RE1 x 2,211,816476
3 x 6RE1 x 2,711,817,1569
3 x 10RM7 x 1,3411,819,7783
3 x 16RM7 x 1,7011,822,11044
3 x 16+10RM/RE7 x 1,7/7 x 1,31,0 / 1,01,823,21163
3 x 25+16RM/RM7 x 2,2/7 x 1,71,2 / 1,01,826,21641
3 x 35+16SM/RM7 x 2,5/7 x 1,71,2 / 1,01,828,21978
3 x 50+25SM/RM7 x 3,/7 x 2,21,4 / 1,21,931,92606
3 x 70+35SM/RM13 x 2,7/7 x 2,51,4 / 1,2235,83471
3 x 95+50SM/RM17 x 2,7/7 x 31,6 / 1,42,242,64963
4 x 1,5RE1 x 1,370,81,814,2357
4 x 2,5RE1 x 1,740,81,815,1424
4 x 4RE1 x 2,211,817,1555
4 x 6RE1 x 2,711,818,3670
4 x 10RM7 x 1,3411,821,2936
4 x 16RM7 x 1,7011,823,81265
4 x 25RM7 x 2,201,21,8271793
5 x 4RE1 x 2,211,818,3640
5 x 16RM7 x 1,7011,825,81472
5 x 50SM7 x 3,001,42,1373498
5 x 70SM13 x 2,701,42,242,64956
5 x 95SM17 x 2,701,62,4506748
5 x 120SM18 x 3,001,62,653,17941


number of cores x conductor cross-sectionConstructionConstruction of individual conductorInsulation thicknessSheath thicknessExternal diameterCable weight
N x mm²
N x mmmmmmmmKg/km
Signalnini NYBY-JZ, NYBY-OZ
6 x 4RE1 x 2,211,821,4800
7 x 4RE1 x 2,211,821,4830
8 x 4RE1 x 2,211,822,6930
10 x 4RE1 x 2,211,827,31125
12 x 4RE1 x 2,211,8271190
14 x 4RE1 x 2,211,829,31390
16 x 4RE1 x 2,212321850
19 x 4RE1 x 2,21233,42055
6 x 6RE1 x 2,711,822,5950
7 x 6RE1 x 2,711,822,51000
8 x 6RE1 x 2,711,8241125
10 x 6RE1 x 2,711,929,11350
12 x 6RE1 x 2,711,929,81510
14 x 6RE1 x 2,711,932,52015
16 x 6RE1 x 2,71233,72740
19 x 6RE1 x 2,712,135,52515

Power Cable

Power cables are used to transmit and distribute electrical energy. Power cables are commonly used in urban underground power grids, power station lead-out lines, power supply within industrial and mining enterprises, and over-the-river transmission lines.

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