XLPE Power Cable

Copper or Aluminum Conductor XLPE Insulated Power Cable

XLPE insulated power cable has a lot of advantages compared with paper insulated and PVC insulated cable. XLPE cable is of high electric strength, mechanical strength, high aging resistance, and good anti-chemical corrosion capability, it is convenient to use, and can be laid with no drop restriction.

Technical Characteristics:

XLPE high voltage cable with copper wire screen is much flexible for laying and installation in tunnel and pipeline, with the advantages of small size of overall diameter, large short circuit current carrying capacity and flexible cable cores. Moreover, the optical fiber cable which is inserted in the process of copper wire screen and distributed in the gap of copper wires. Optical fiber can be used as temperature-sensing element and also for communication and remote control.


Major Technical Parameters (220kV and below Cable):

Partial Discharge Test: No detectable discharge exceeding to the declared sensitivity (5 pC or better) at 1.5 U0.

Power Frequency Voltage Test: No breakdown of the insulation or flashover at 2.5U0 for 30min.

Non-metal Sheath DC Voltage Test: No breakdown at DC voltage 25kV for 1min.

DC Resistance Measurement of Copper Wire Screen at 20℃: The measured value shall comply with the specification of IEC 60228:2004.



The high voltage power cables contained within this datasheet are suitable for the primary distribution of power up to a maximum network voltage of 110kV. Suitable for locations where mechanical protection is afforded by other means and where the additional protection of a moisture barrier has been determined not to be necessary, see 2XS(FL)2Y and A2XS(FL)2Y. The cables are triple extruded using proprietary materials on modern catenary line equipment to the latest IEC standards. Waterblocking tape options ensure that should the cable be damaged, repair lengths and associated works are kept to a minimum. The cables are provided as standard with a high density polyethylene sheath, chosen to give the best compromise between abrasion resistance and flexibility to ensure installation confidence. The range can be customised to meet specific project demands should the need arise.


Packing and Shipping:

All exporting high voltage power cables are well packed and protected by Steel Drums.The packing material is depended on the weight and size of cable.

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Technical Data:

Rated Voltage (Uo/U)(Um)110/220KV
ConductorClass 2 copper or aluminium conductor, compacted or segment strand Milliken to BS EN 60228 (previously BS 6360)
Conductor ScreenExtruded semi-conductive XLPE (Cross-Linked Polyethylene)
Cross section150~800mm2
InsulationXLPE (Cross-Linked Polyethylene)
Insulation ScreenSemi-conductive XLPE (Cross-Linked Polyethylene)
SeparatorWater swellable semi-conductive tape
ScreenCopper wire screen, with a counter helix of copper tape
SeparatorWater swellable tape
SheathHDPE (High Density Polyethylene)(To be specified at time of order. Other options available)
Maximum Conductor Temperature In Service(Operating temperature-continuous operation) +90°C
Short Circuit Temperature+250°C
Overload Temperature+130°C (100h per year maximum)
Operating Temperature-30°C to 90°C
Minimum Installation Temperature-20°C

Power Cable

Power cables are used to transmit and distribute electrical energy. Power cables are commonly used in urban underground power grids, power station lead-out lines, power supply within industrial and mining enterprises, and over-the-river transmission lines.

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