Special Cable

Special cable is a special purpose, can be used in specific occasions have special purpose cables, such as high temperature, acid and alkali, anti-termite, as well as in the ship's aircraft nuclear power stations
MICC Mineral Insulated Copper Clad Fireproof Cable
Mineral Insulated Flexible High Temperature Cable MICC Series Excellent Shielding Property.
Medium Voltage Submarine Cable
The XLPE Insulated & Sheathed 3 core submersible cables that we deal in are ideal for usage in submersible pumps in deep wells for irrigation (Direct Burial), drinking water supply, industries, mines, fountains.
Charging Cable
EV Cables (Cables for Electric Vehicle Conductive Charging System)
Self-Regulating Heating Cables
Heating cables are made for a wide variety of industrial, commercial and residential applications.
Coaxial Cable
Coaxial cable is a type of electrical cable that has an inner conductor surrounded by a tubular insulating layer, surrounded by a tubular conducting shield.
Solar Cable, Solar Power Cable, Solar Power Wiring
A solar cable is the interconnection cable used in photovoltaic power generation. Solar cables interconnect solar panels and other electrical components of a photovoltaic system.
Lan Cable
LAN cables are a specific type of data cable used in computer networking. There are two different types of local area network cables. The first is a standard cable that connects a computer to a router or hub, and the second is called a crossover cable, connecting two computers together.
Airport Lighting Cable
Airport Lighting Cable, Airport Lighting Cable Suppliers and Manufacturers