Charging Cable

EV Cables (Cables for Electric Vehicle Conductive Charging System)

Insert arrangements and functional definition of Charging Cable:

MarkFunctional definition
1-(L1)AC power
2-(L2)AC power
3- (L3)AC power
6-(CP)Control confirmation
7-(PP)Connection confirmation


1. Charging plug meets 62196-2 IEC2010 SHEET 2-lle standard

2. Product assembly meets GB/T 20234.2-2011 charging mode 3 connection method B2

3. Nice appearance, hand-held ergonomic design, easy plug

4. Reliability of materials, antifoaming, pressure-resistant, abrasion resistance, impact resistance, and high oil.

5. Excellent protection performance, protection grade IP55 (Working condition)

Rated current16A/32A/63A
Operating voltage250V AC
Insulation resistance>1000M(DC500V)
Therminal temperature rise<50K
Withstand voltage2000V
Vibration resistanceMeet JDQ53.36.1.1- requirements
Contact impedance0.5mMax
Mechanical lifeno-load plug in/pull out >10000 times
Insertion and Extraction Force45N<F<80N
Shell materialThermoplastic (Insulator inflammability UL94 V-0)
Contact PinCopper alloy, silver, or nickel plating
Sealing gasketrubber or silicon rubber
Operating temperature-30°C~+50°C

Mechanical properties:

1. Mechanical life: no-load plug in/pull out >10000 times

2. Impact of external force: can afford 1M drop and 2t vehicle run over pressure.

Electrical Performance

1.Rated operating current:16V or 32A

2.Operating voltage:250V

3.Insulation resistance:>1000MO(DC500V)

4.Terminal temperature rise:<50K

5.Withstand voltage:2000V

6.Contact Resistance:0.5mO Max

Applied Materials of Charging Cable:

1. Case Material: Thermoplastic, flame retardant grade UL94V-0

2. Contact bush: copper alloy, silver plating

Environmental performance:

Operating temperature:-30℃~ +50℃


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Model selection and the standard wiring:

ModelNumber of insertsCable Spec.Remark
DSIEC2b-EV16P73*2.5mm2+2*0.5mm2The length of the cable can be customized
ModelNumber of insertsCable Spec.Remark
V2-DSS-EV16P53*2.5mm2+2*0.5mm2The length of  the cable can  be customized

Special Cable

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