MICC Mineral Insulated Copper Clad Fireproof Cable

Mineral Insulated Flexible High Temperature Cable MICC Series Excellent Shielding Property.

Mineral insulated cable (MI cable) is a cable with a copper conductor core wrapped in a copper sheath and magnesium oxide powder as an inorganic insulating material to isolate the conductor and sheath. 

The mineral cable can become MICC cable (Mineral Insulated Copper Clad Cable) or MI cable (Mineral Insulated Cable).

ZMS mineral insulated cables have the advantages of high-temperature resistance, large current carrying capacity, corrosion resistance, smokeless and non-toxic, anti-electromagnetic interference, long service life, economy, and environmental protection. It is currently the safest and most environmentally friendly fireproof cable with high-cost performance. 

It is suitable for emergency lighting systems and fire alarm systems in the oil, natural gas, and petroleum industries, airports, and power and control circuits, and provides circuit integrity of 950°C.

Product Structure

Conductor: The conductor is made of the first high-quality annealed copper in accordance with GB/T3956.

Insulation layer (magnesium oxide): high temperature resistant, non-combustible inorganic magnesium oxide powder.

Metal sheath: Use high-quality annealed copper as the sheath.

An outer protective layer (optional): When there are requirements for corrosion protection, identification, or aesthetics, a plastic coat can be used (a halogen-free low-smoke coat is recommended).

Standard: GB/T34926; IEC60702; BS6387:1994; GB/T13033.1.2-2007, etc.

Mineral Insulated Cables Have a Wide Range Of Application Scenarios

1. It is suitable for industrial and civil buildings and other fire protection systems, such as detection and alarm systems, fire extinguishing systems, ventilation, and air conditioning systems, emergency lighting, life-saving systems, and other cable wiring.

2. It is suitable for cable wiring used in industrial, civil, national defense, and other harsh environments such as high temperature, corrosion, and nuclear radiation.

3. It is suitable for cable wiring used in industries, civil buildings, and other occasions where the safety of human life and property must be guaranteed. 

Such as public buildings, subway stations, parking lots, gas stations, hotels, shopping centers, and other production facilities.

Key features and advantages

● Strong Fire Resistance

Mineral insulated cables are all composed of inorganic substances (copper and magnesium oxide). It does not ignite on its own, nor does it cause a source of ignition. The cable works well even with an external source of ignition.

● High Temperature Resistance

Because the melting point temperature of magnesium oxide in the insulating layer is much higher than that of copper, the maximum average temperature of mineral-insulated magnesium oxide cable can reach 250℃, and it can continue to run at 1083°C, which is close to the melting point of copper, in a short time.

● Large Current Carrying Capacity

Because of the special insulating material and structure of magnesium oxide cable, the mineral-insulated cable has great current-carrying capacity. Compared with traditional plastic cables, the same amount of current can be reduced by 1 to 2 cross-section levels.

● Resistance To Radiation

Because the cable is composed of inorganic materials. Therefore, after undergoing nuclear radiation, the electrical and mechanical properties of the cable will not change in any way.

● Waterproof And Explosion-Proof Performance

Mineral-insulated cables use copper tubes as sheaths. The highly compacted insulating materials in the cables and the cable terminations installed with special sealing sleeves can organize the water vapor, gas, and flame to be immersed in the electrical equipment connected to the cable. Therefore, it is suitable for the connection of various explosion-proof equipment and equipment in places with explosion hazards.

● Safety And Environmental Performance

The cable's constituent materials are all inorganic materials and do not contain any organic materials. Therefore, even if the line is placed in a fire above 1000°C or in a flame that is destructive to copper, it will not produce the slightest amount of smoke, halogen, and toxic gases. This cable is a product that can truly achieve green, environmental protection, and safety.

● High Mechanical Strength

The cable has the characteristics of high strength and high toughness and can withstand bending, flattening, twisting, and other conditions. When the cable is flattened to 1/3~2/3 of the original cable's outer diameter, it can still operate normally.

● Good Bending Performance

After the cable is fully annealed, it can be bent repeatedly and many times, and has a bendability that ordinary plastic cables cannot compare.

● Excellent Shielding Performance

The cable copper sheath is the most excellent shielding protection layer, which can prevent the cable itself from interfering with other cables, and it can also prevent the external magnetic field from interfering with itself.

● Good Grounding Performance

The copper sheath of the mineral copper-clad cable can function as a grounding wire, and has a very low grounding resistance, without the need for a separate grounding wire.

Mineral Insulated Copper Clad Cable (MICC Cable) Accessories

Accessories for MICC Mineral Insulated Cable including laying accessories, intermediate connection accessories, terminal accessories, and sealed insulation accessories in four categories.

MICC Cable Termination

When the MICC cable is installed and used, a permanent termination is required to connect the cable to the electrical equipment.

The termination serves two purposes:

1. The cable insulation material (magnesium oxide) is isolated from the outside world for sealing purposes.

2. Connect the cable to the switch cabinet or electrical equipment for fixing.

Therefore, the termination consists of two parts:

Sealing part: Generally composed of the copper tank (or heat-shrinkable casing), tank cover, sealing material, and conductor insulating casing.

Gland part: Generally consists of gland body, compression ring, and gland nut.

Terminal Block

Used to connect the conductor to the control cabinet terminal block or power supply.

It consists of a press-fit nut, a press-fit tilt block, and a terminal body.

There are two forms of terminal blocks.

The first is a press-fit type terminal, suitable for the connection of cables over 35mm2.

The second is a crimp-type terminal, suitable for the connection of 6-25mm2 cable.

Small-size cables 4mm2 and below can be used without terminals.

Grounding Tabs

Grounding lugs are required when the copper sheath of the cable is used for grounding or for grounding other electrical equipment connected to the copper sheath of the cable.

You can consult ZMS cable to get the selection of MICC Cable Accessories.

Intermediate Connector Accessories

An intermediate connector attachment is required when the cable length is not long enough.

It is a device that connects two cables of the same specification into one cable.

Including the middle connector stuffing box, intermediate connection copper tube, two sets of terminal sealing cans (single-core cables are not needed), heat-shrinkable sleeve, intermediate connection terminals, and fireproof ceramic column.

Among them, the middle connection stuffing box includes a stuffing box body, compression ring, and stuffing box nut, which is mainly used to connect the middle connection tube and cable.

An intermediate connection terminal is used to connect two conductors of the same specification cable, it has three forms.

  • Press-fit type, suitable for connecting 4mm2 and below cables.

  • Press-fit type, suitable for connecting cables over 35 mm2

  • Screw connection type, suitable for connecting 6-25 mm2 cables.

The above is the detailed introduction of mineral insulated cables, hope it can help you in the purchase of cables.

Consult ZMSCABLE for all the above cable products and Accessories Mineral Insulated Cable.

Product Specification

Rated Voltage
Section (mm²)
Lightweight copper core copper sheathed mineral insulated cable
1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 7 / 12 / 19


Lightweight copper core copper sheath LSZH outer sheathed mineral insulated cable
lightweight copper core copper sheathed PVC outer sheathed mineral insulated cable
Heavy-duty copper core copper sheathed mineral insulated cable
2 / 3 / 4
Heavy-duty copper core copper sheathed LSZH outer sheathed mineral insulated cable

2 / 3 / 4

Heavy-duty copper core copper sjeathed PVC outer sheathed mineral insulated cable
2 / 3 / 4

Note: Multi-core cables with sections over 25 mm² are replaced by single-core cables.

Special Cable

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