Self-Regulating Heating Cables

Heating cables are made for a wide variety of industrial, commercial and residential applications.

ZMS Cable offers a self-regulating heating cable that automatically adjusts its output power to compensate for temperature changes.
The cable is suitable for a variety of industrial, commercial, and residential applications.
And our heating cables can meet the needs of most applications, including process temperature maintenance, pipe freeze protection, extension cord heating, frost protection, and more.


Self Regulating Heating Cables are composed of a conductive polymer and two parallel metal wires and an insulating sheath.

Between the wires, the body of black material consisting of an electric heater is a carbon-concentrated polymer conductor.

The electro-negativity of this material varies with the surface of the temperature because the expansion of its internal structure reduces the space available for the passage of electric current.

As a result, when the temperature rises, the power dissipated by the electric heating cable decreases, a phenomenon known as "automatic regulation".

We manufacture such cables to prevent overheating failures that can damage the heater and allow part of the heater to be placed in a cooler environment to generate more energy in that zone.

As a result, the electric heating cable always balances the heat dissipated during operation with the heat loss due to the external environment.

However, due to the complexity and variability of the environment, it is difficult to determine precisely the stable temperature of the surface of the electric heating collar.

To control the device and save more energy, it is recommended that you regulate the temperature of these electric heating cables by means of a thermostat.


The power of self-regulating heating cables increases as the temperature decreases and decreases as the temperature increases.

Self-regulating heating cable uses a carbon-based heating element with variable resistance, and it is a parallel construction that can output power along its length to suit local conditions.

Our self-regulating heating cable has the same features as the foreign Thermo BSX 8-2-FOJ Raychem BTV.

Our heating cables have the following features:

  • The uniform temperature of the pipeline is safe and reliable, with no pollution to the environment, and long life.

  • Simple installation and maintenance, high automation level, low operation, and maintenance cost.

  • Low-temperature states heat up fast, and the temperature is uniform because each part can be automatically adjusted because of the temperature change of the accompanying heat.

  • Energy saving, cost saving.



Voltage Level: 12V 24V 36V 110V 220V 380V

Conductive Plastic Layer: PTC

Insulating Layer: Modified Polyolefin Insulation

Shield: Tinned Copper Wire Cover 80%

Sheath: Modified Polyolefin

Scope of Application

  • Pipe Freeze Protection

  • Long Pipeline Heating

  • Process Temperature Maintenance

  • Tank Heating

  • Frost Heave Prevention

  • Roof Gutter De-cling

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FAQ from ZMS Cable:

Q: Can TubeTrace be manufactured with different colored outer jackets?

A: Yes, almost any color is possible. Additional manufacturing set-up costs may apply.

Q: For heat tracing systems, is thermal insulation really necessary? 

A: Yes. The heat losses without thermal insulation are excessive and not practical to compensate for with heat tracing.

-- From ZMS Power Cable Business Unit

Temperature :

Max. conductor temperature on continuous: 75℃, 105℃, 135℃

Maximum conductor short time temperature: 105℃, 135℃, 155℃

Minimum construction temperature: -40℃

Minimum Self-Regulating Indices
Heating cableS.R index (W/°F)S.R index (W/°C)
3 W/ft0.0380.068
5 W/ft0.0600.108
8 W/ft0.0740.133
10 W/ft0.1000.180

Construction :

1Standard Applied
2Rated VoltageV220
3Number of CoresNo.2

  -- Cross-sectional areaMM21.3mm2

  --  Material
 Nickel-plated copper wire

  --  Type of conductor

  --  No. and dia of strandsNos./mm19/0.3

  --  Diametermm1.6
5Conductor screen

  --  Material
Semi-conductive conductor screen

  --  Nominal thicknessmm2

  --  Material
Radiation Cross-Linked Dielectric Insulation

  --  Nominal thickness
7Tinned Copper Braidmm0.3

  --  Material
 Fluoro polymer over jacket

  --  Nominal thicknessmm0.7
9OD of the finished cable (Approx.)mm5.3mm*11mm
10Weight of the finished cable (Approx.)Kg/km90
11Min. bending radius at laying in terms of cable diameterD10D
12D.C Testing voltageV/min2500V/1
13Max. conductor temperature on continuous°C135
14Maximum conductor short time temperature°C220

Special Cable

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ZMS Cable have a wide product scope, includes: Power cables up to 500kV, AAC, AAAC, ACSR conductors, ABC Cable,electric wires, instrument cable, telecommunications cable, Stay wires. With advanced manufacture technology, rich human resource and effective management system, we guarantee all products are manufactured strictly in accordance with GB, IEC, BS, NFC, ASTM, DIN standards,etc. Beyond quality control, ZMS have been trying its best to offer much higher standard of services rather than expected.

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