Submarine Fiber Optic Cable

Submarine fiber optic cable is also known as submarine communication cable.

Submarine fiber optic cables, also known as submarine communication cables, are wires wrapped in insulating material and laid on the ocean floor to set up telecommunication transmissions between countries.

Submarine optical fiber cable is laid in sea, and river, and used for communication and data information transmission among continents, mainland, islands, and offshore operation equipment, it is provided with features of high transmission capacity, and long continuous length.

Submarine Lightweight Fiber Optic Cable (LW)

Outdoor Anti-Water Armored LW/LWP Submarine Fiber Optic Cable Depth Of Water Greater Than 3000m

Type of LW LWP SA RA DA submarine fiber optic cable applied to sea and river telecommunication use

Model Number

GYTA333 Outdoor Fiber Optic Cable

Number of Conductors

≥ 10

Fiber type

G.652D Singlemode

Fiber count

2-144 cores

Outer Jacket/Sheath



Aluminum Tape, Steel Tape

Loose Tube

PBT material



Operating /Installation Temperature

-10~ +70 ℃


GYTA33 is an underwater use fiber optic cable, it is steel wires armored to be suitable for installation in harsh environments, GYTA33 can also be directly buried underground, and this cable is available from 2 cores to 144 cores.

GYTA33 is with loose tube technology which makes the fibers good secondary excess length and allows the fibers free movement in the tube. These features keep the fiber stress-free while the cable is subjected to longitudinal stress. 

Optimum mechanical protection such as high tensile, crush, and impact-resistant performances are achieved by the steel wire armor and the double jacket structure. 

The fibers are positioned in a loose tube made of PBT. The tubes are filled with a water-resistant filling compound. A steel wire or FRP is located in the center of the core as a strength member. 

Tubes (and fillers) are stranded around the strength member into a compact and circular cable core. A swelling tape and aluminum polyethylene laminate (PAP) are applied around the cable core. 

Then the cable core is covered with a thin PE inner sheath. After the single-steel wire is armored, the cable is finally completed with a PE outer sheath.


Suitable for: River and lake crossing, coastal, rodent protection, etc.

  • Submarine Lightweight Fiber Optic Cable

    This fiber optic cable is generally suitable for 1000-8000m water depth, laid in the sandy seabed with a good and stable environment. Its main feature is that it has no armor protection in the structure, so it is used when laying on the surface of the seabed, and the seabed conditions are relatively safe.

  • Submarine light protection fiber optic cable

    Lightweight protective fiber optic cables are suitable for laying in water depths of 1,000-8,000m and are used to rough surfaces on the seabed.

    Because the structure is more than ordinary light fiber optic cable with a layer of metal tape armored protective layer device, it is more suitable for moderate abrasion or may be torn by marine animals environment.

  • Submarine single-layer armored fiber optic cable

    The single-layer armored mechanism is suitable for water depths of 20-1000m and can be laid in complex rocky terrain, and high-risk tugboat hazardous areas. It adds a single layer of diameter steel wire as armor on the basis of light fiber optic cable to strengthen the protection of sea cable.

  • Submarine Double Armored Fiber Optic Cable

    Submarine cables with single-layer armored structures are suitable for water depths below 500m and can be laid in complex rocky terrains or in areas with a high risk of tugboat hazards and high abrasion.

    The main feature of this cable is that on the basis of a single-layer armored structure, double layers of steel wires of different diameters are added as armoring to strengthen the protection of submarine cables.


  1. Excellent mechanical and temperature performance.

  2. The steel wires' armoring makes the cable have a bigger tensile strength.

  3. AL tape longitudinal cover cable core as a moisture barrier.

  4. Cable total cross-section water or salt water blocking. 

  5. The outer sheath protects the cable from ultraviolet radiation. 

  6. Optional flame retardance outer sheath. 

  7. Max installed and under 250m water depth.


Comply with Standard  YD/T 901 as well as IEC 60794-3-30. 

Product Specification

Cable parameters.jpg

Note: This datasheet can only be a reference, but not a supplement to the contract. Please contact our sales people for more detailed information. Special cable structures can be designed or as customer's request. 

Product Specification

Cable parameters.jpg

Submarine Cable

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