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Composite insulated jacket zinc oxide lightning arrester has the advantages of good electrical insulation performance, high dielectric strength, leakage resistance, galvanic corrosion resistance, heat resistance, cold resistance, aging resistance, explosion-proof, water repellent, sealing, etc.

The role of the arrester is used to protect various electrical equipment in the power system from lightning overvoltage, operating overvoltage, frequency transient overvoltage impact, and damage to a kind of overvoltage protector. The main types of surge arresters are protection gaps, valve-type surge arresters, and zinc oxide surge arresters. The protection gap is mainly used to limit the atmospheric overvoltage, generally used for distribution systems, lines and substations into the section of protection.

Zinc oxide arrester produced by ZMS is the use of zinc oxide has a good non-linear voltammetric characteristic. Can make only a few microamps or milliamps in the normal working voltage of the current flowing through the arrester. When the overvoltage effect, the resistance drops sharply, releasing the energy of overvoltage, to achieve the effect of protection. The difference between zinc oxide arrester and traditional arrester is that it does not have a discharge gap, clever use of the non-linear characteristics of zinc oxide to achieve the efficacy of current discharge and open.


Product advantages of ZMS manufactured zinc oxide surge arresters.

Excellent water repellency and migration.

Excellent corrosion resistance, aging resistance, electrical insulation, and other properties.

Has high foul flash voltage and shatter resistance performance with uniform voltage distribution.

Fully equipped with seven excellent characteristics: current flow capacity, protection characteristics, sealing performance, mechanical performance, strong decontamination performance, high operational reliability, and high frequency withstand capability, is the most advanced lightning protection equipment in the era of high technology.


ZMS supply zinc oxide lightning arrester according to the rated voltage value to classify can be divided into three categories

High-voltage category: It refers to the zinc oxide arrester series products of 66KV or above, which can be roughly divided into seven grades 220kV, 110kV, and 66kV.

Medium voltage category: It refers to the zinc oxide arrester series products within the range of 3kV~66kV (excluding the products of the 66kV series), which can be roughly divided into four voltage levels of 3kV, 6kV, 10kV, and 35KV.

Low-voltage category: It refers to the zinc oxide arrester series products below 3KV (excluding the products of the 3kV series), which can be roughly divided into four voltage levels of 1kV, 0.5kV, 0.38kV, and 0.22kV.



Zinc oxide surge arresters can be divided into two major categories according to their structure.

Porcelain jacket: porcelain jacket zinc oxide arrester is divided into four grades according to the fouling resistance performance, grade Ⅰ for ordinary type, grade Ⅱ for medium fouling area (creepage ratio distance 20mm/KV), grade Ⅲ for heavy fouling area (creepage ratio distance 25mm/kV), grade Ⅳ for extra heavy fouling area (creepage ratio distance 31mm/kV).

Composite jacket: composite jacket zinc oxide arrester is made of composite silicone rubber material as the jacket, and the choice of high-performance zinc oxide resistor sheet, the internal use of special structure, assembled with advanced technology, with the double advantages of silicone rubber material and zinc oxide resistor sheet.

This series of products have all the advantages of porcelain jacket zinc oxide lightning arrester in addition. In addition, it has the advantages of good insulation performance, high dirt resistance, good explosion-proof performance, small volume, lightweight, usually no maintenance, not easy to break, reliable sealing, excellent aging resistance, etc.


ZMS can customize the zinc oxide arrester according to the different needs of your project and the voltage level.

ZMS can also provide you with various structures of zinc oxide surge arresters for different environments. Customized products guarantee a long service life.


Zinc oxide surge arresters are used in the following environmental conditions.

1. used below 2000 meters above sea level, plateau area please use plateau type arrester.

2. the ambient temperature is not higher than 40 ℃, not lower than -40 ℃.

3. AC system frequency of 50Hz or 60Hz.

4. long-term applied to the arrester on the frequency voltage can not exceed the arrester continuous operation voltage parameters.

5. seismic cracking degree in the region below 7 degrees use.

6. the maximum wind speed of 35 meters per second or less.

7. In dirty areas please use an anti-fouling type arrester.


3~10kv with disconnector composite jacket zinc oxide arrester is equipped with insulating pallets and mounting brackets.

The use of the disconnector as a fault arrester damage, the disconnector is disconnected from the ground, so that the arrester is out of the system, and the power maintenance personnel can know the fault arrester needs to be replaced.



Zinc oxide arresters are equipped with online leakage current meter, as a way to monitor the operating conditions of the arrester.

The online leakage current meter reflects the current through the outer insulation of the porcelain jacket and the arrester valve piece.

(1) the arrester online leakage current meter reading abnormal increase. Arrester internal moisture is mainly caused by poor sealing. Sources of moisture are: in the production process of the arrester, the installation environment humidity exceeds the standard. Valve piece and internal parts drying are not complete, there is part of the moisture trapped. When assembling the seal ring leakage, put partial. Or between the seal ring and the porcelain sleeve sealing cover with debris. Run a period of time after the seal parts are damaged caused by moisture.

(2) the arrester online leakage current meter reading is reduced or even zero.

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