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We provide all kinds of composite porcelain insulators with quality assurance. Custom insulator products.

The polymer insulators produced by ZMS are of high quality, have fast delivery, and have good prices. We are located in Henan, China. ZMS is a cable manufacturer company focusing on integrity management. Since the establishment of the company, profits have shown an upward trend for more than a decade.

Our cables are sold to more than 90 countries in the world, and we are a world-renowned cable company. Regardless of the type and specification of the composite insulator you need, we can manufacture it for you. ZMS offers more competitive prices for composite insulators to distributors or purchasers.

We have many types of composite insulator products. Include line composite insulators, electrical composite insulators, rod suspension polymer insulators, pin polymer insulators, cross-arm polymer insulators, post polymer insulators, and wind-proof polymer insulators, etc.


Definition of Polymer Insulators

The polymer insulator is a special insulation control, which can support the wires and prevent the current from returning to the ground in the overhead transmission line. The main function of early composite insulators was to increase the creepage distance. The composite insulator is composed of an umbrella cover, a core rod, and hardware at both ends.

Features of ZMS's Polymer Insulators

1. Lightweight.

2. Good stain resistance.

3. Small daily maintenance.

4. Widely used in high-voltage lines.

5. Easy to install.

Application of ZMS's Polymer Insulators

1. It can be used in high-altitude areas, where the transmission lines in this area serve as insulation and stable conductors.

2. It can be used in harsh environments. The performance of composite insulators is very excellent and can adapt to a variety of harsh natural environments.

3. The mechanical properties of composite insulators are very good, which can be applied to the scenes with higher requirements for mechanical properties.

Implementation Standards for Common Polymer Insulators

1: IEC International Electrotechnical


Insulators for overhead lines-Composite line post insulators for alternating current with a nominal voltage> 1000V


Composite insulators for a.c. overhead lines with a nominal voltage greater than 1 000 V-Definitions, test methods, and acceptance criteria

2: ANSI American Standard

ANSI C29.13-2000

American National Standard for Insulators-Composite Distribution Deadend Type

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ZMS Cable have a wide product scope, includes: Power cables up to 500kV, AAC, AAAC, ACSR conductors, ABC Cable,electric wires, instrument cable, telecommunications cable, Stay wires. With advanced manufacture technology, rich human resource and effective management system, we guarantee all products are manufactured strictly in accordance with GB, IEC, BS, NFC, ASTM, DIN standards,etc. Beyond quality control, ZMS have been trying its best to offer much higher standard of services rather than expected.

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All customised cables designed by our cable engineer will be subject to testing to relevant standards and appropriate performance criteria. Bespoke cable testing will be conducted under our CNAS accreditation where appropriate. Where required by industry or application, we can submit for relevant cable certification and cable approval processes. For more information or to discuss possible custom designed cable solutions, please complete an enquiry form, contact our technical experts on the Technical Hotline +86 (0)371 6782 9333, or

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