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ZMS cable suppliers provide high-quality porcelain insulator cable accessories. Our company not only makes power cables, we also make cable accessories. Our cable accessories technology level is comparable to the industry's leading level. We strictly control the quality of our products. In the after-sales service, every after-sales personnel has undergone complete and systematic training. Our delivery speed is ahead of many companies in the cable industry.

Definition of Porcelain Insulator

A porcelain insulator is an insulator made of porcelains as raw materials. porcelain insulator is a new type of porcelain insulator made of quartz, feldspar, and clay as raw materials and processed by baking. The surface of the porcelain insulator is covered with a layer of enamel. This is to improve the mechanical strength of the porcelain insulators and at the same time play a role in waterproofing. It can also increase the smoothness of the insulator surface. porcelain insulators are the products with the highest usage rate among all types of insulators.

The Role of Porcelain Insulators

Porcelain insulators are used in power transmission lines, and they have two main functions. One is to support the overhead wire and the other is to prevent the current from returning to the ground. When the insulator is in use, these two functions must be guaranteed.
After being manufactured, the insulator should be able to cope with harsh environmental conditions and electrical load conditions, so that it can be regarded as a qualified product. If the insulator fails to function in this environment, it will reduce the life of the entire overhead line and may even cause a major safety accident.

The Structure and Manufacturing Process of Porcelain Insulators

The main structure of porcelain insulators is steel caps, porcelain pieces, and steel feet.

The Function of Porcelain is to Carry Insulators and Insulate

The main material of porcelain insulators today is porcelains. In the early days, siliceous porcelain was used as the main material. porcelains are composed of quartz, mullite, pores, and glass phases. Quartz material greatly improves the mechanical strength of porcelains. The performance of porcelain insulators far exceeds that of silicon porcelain insulators in terms of thermal stability and arc resistance.
There are five parts to the manufacturing process of porcelain insulators: mud making, molding, glazing, firing, assembling, and inspection.

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