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The cable lugs are one of the indispensable parts of cable-related accessories. It is mainly for the cable and electrical equipment system to play a connection and protection role of the connection piece. The top side is the edge of the fixing screw, and the end is the core of the cable conductor after peeling. Cable lugs are widely used in the electrical industry, machinery and equipment plants, shipyards, power distribution cabinets distribution boxes, etc.

ZMS's DT/DL/DTL/CAL series cable terminal lugs have high welding strength, high electrical performance, high electrical resistance, and anti-corrosion ability. Meanwhile, our lugs have a long service life, are not easy to break, and have high safety performance. You can purchase a variety of industry-standard cable lugs from ZMS.


The cable terminal lug is a crafted design and ZMS experts recommend considering its use in the following situations.

1. The location of the wire due to commissioning, maintenance, and other factors, the need for frequent disassembly, and installation of the cable and wire. For example, if two wires, sometimes need to connect, and sometimes need to disconnect, then you can use the terminal lug to connect them, and it can be disconnected at any time. And do not have to solder them up or wind them together, very convenient and fast. The majority of the material of the terminal is copper and aluminum, according to the material of the inner core of the cable to choose the appropriate copper lugs connection, if the cable is a copper wire, the equipment contact surface is aluminum, then you need a copper and aluminum terminals to connect. ZMS electrical product specifications are more comprehensive, the product is high purity purple copper, and the surface layer of thin, is beautiful and durable.


2. For an electrical box or circuit board, etc. As a whole, the need for electrical connection with other external circuits. PCB terminal blocks for use on the circuit board, in the event of a line failure, you can easily detect the wire. Avoid the time-consuming and laborious removal of the wires from the circuit board.


3. The number of wires to be connected at the same equipotential point is large. The terminal lug has holes at both ends to insert wires, and screws for fastening or loosening and is suitable for interconnecting a large number of wires. In the power industry, there are special terminal blocks, and terminal boxes, covered with terminal blocks, single-layer, double-layer, current, voltage, ordinary, breakable, etc.


4. Larger wire diameter, not convenient to connect with the screw terminal lug. Plug-in terminal block using crimp frame wiring, access to large wire diameter, and protect the wire is not easily damaged.


5. Larger current, need to increase the contact area of the electrical connection. TB series high current terminal blocks can meet the needs of a larger current connection.


6. multi-stranded wires need to be connected to the same terminal lug. Because the same terminal block has more than one jack, convenient wire access. Bolt-type splice tube connector can connect copper/aluminum / aluminum alloy cable. Mechanical splice, no crimping tools, and accompanying operator skills are required, only socket wrench or wrench. Tinned and oxidized surface.


The invention of the cable terminal lug has been nearly a century of time, from the earliest combination of terminal lugs to the current diverse plug-in type, direct welding type, fence type, spring type terminals, and even bare terminals. The cable connector field has formed a perfect electrical interface technology system. Its use scope also expanded to rail transportation, security lighting, elevator power control, medical equipment, and other fields, in a variety of situations. In view of the convenient installation and stable electrical performance of the terminal block, it is gradually getting more customers' trust.


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