0361 TQ Rubber Welding cable

0361 TQ 1000V rubber welding cable is Suitable for flexible use under rough conditions, on assembly lines and conveyor systems, in machine tool and motor car manufacturing,etc.


0361 TQ Rubber Welding cable 1000V is For the transmission of high currents from the electric welding machine to the welding tool.

Suitable for flexible use under rough conditions, on assembly lines and conveyor systems, in machine tool and motor car manufacturing, and shipbuilding, for manually and automatically operated line and spot welding machines.


BS 638 Part 4, BS EN/IEC 60332-1-2


Conductor: 16mm2 to 95mm2: Class 6 extra flexible copper conductor according to BS EN 60228 (previously BS 6360) 120mm2 and above: Class 5 flexible copper conductor

Separator: PET (Polyester Tape)

Insulation: EPR (Ethylene Propylene Rubber) Type GP4 according to BS 7655

Sheath: HOFR (Heat and Oil Resistant and Flame Retardant) Type EM5 according to BS EN 50363

Sheath color: Black or Orange

Technical data

Operating voltage:1000V (450V for non-welding applications if suitably protected from 

mechanical damage)

Operation temperature:–20°C to + 85°C

Bending radius: Flexed: 6 x overall diameter

Special version upon request

The aluminum conductor is also available

Sheath color can also be orange


Heat and Oil Resistant 

Flame Retardant

Dimensions and Weights

SizeStranding ClassStrandingThickness of SheathNominal O/Dia.WeightMax Duty CycleMax Duty CycleMax Duty Cycle
MMNo/Dia.mmmmKg / Km100%60%30%
166513 / 0.20210.9212135175245
256783 / 0.20212.5300180230330
3561107 / 0.20214403225290410
5061566 / 0.202.216560285370520
7062214 / 0.202.418.6776355460650
9562997 / 0.202.621.21035430560790
1205608 / 0.502.823.11300500650910

Electrical specifications

Nominal Cross   Sectional AreaMaximum Resistance at 20°C TinnedVoltage Drop (For Guidance Only)
Volts Per 100 Amp Per 10 Metres
DC Current


The values for AC Current may be much higher, depending on the configuration of the cables.

Rubber Cable

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